First real Lucid dream!

After a couple lucid moments that lasted a few seconds I finally had my first lucid dream! Im not too sure if it was WILD or DILD. The way it started was I felt as though I was looking straight down out my apartment window, the image was pretty pale and dull. It was accompanied by the feeling as though my bed was tilted and I was slowly slipping out the window. I said to myself “Dont be scared, its only a dream. Its only a dream. Its only a dream” and on the 3rd time I suddenly flew out my window and was flying like a bird! The second I was outside the scenery became very colorful and bright.

I ended up flying around for a while, I wasnt too sure where i wanted to go so I ended up flying circles around my apartment. I was getting very cold (darn canadian winters) so I tried to conjure up something to keep me warm, a wet suit?!, but to no avail. I wanted to see how high I could fly but I wasnt enjoying the cold so I decided to go to the next thing on my lucid list…sex! Problem. I couldnt find anyone, anywhere. So I flew into my room ‘wishing’ ther’d be someone waiting for me but nope. I decided to try something I read once. I turned my back and said “when I turn around there will be a beautiful woman on my bed” and you know what??? IT WORKED!!!

Sadly very soon after the dream started to fade, I rubbed my hands together to buy a few seconds, enough time to ‘change’ the woman in my bed. She was talking but then my eyes started to close and I couldnt open them, as hard as I tried. I rememberd to try and spin but all that did was ‘jolt’ me awake. It was weird waking up, my eyes were wide open but for a second or two I could still hear the womans voice rambling. I’m thinking I maybe tried too hard to open my eyes.

There are some more little details like, I watched with awe as the digital clock kept changing numbers before my eyes, I coudlnt believe it! but thats the jist of my first real Lucid Dream. All in all id say it lasted less than 10 minutes, closer to 5.

I must say this is one of the best christmas presents I have ever recieved although im not too sure who to thank. So I’ll thank you all!

Congradulatations! You seemed to have quite a bit of control over it! :wink: Good luck with all future LD’s.

Nice. :smile:

And Saphira, Lucid Dreaming isn’t easy, at least for me, it takes time, but the reward is unbelievable. :smile:



I remember that happening to me with the alarm clock. The red digital numbers just flickered and changed as I was looking at them

I know the beautiful feeling when you fly in your dream. It was nice in my dream but I wasn’t so conscious. Maybe better like that 'cause when I am too conscious I feel horrible pain in the heart. Maybe there is the border between LD and AP…