First sign of succes

Hey everyone!

I thought I’d share you my experience of last night. For some reason I woke up after 6 hours of sleep, without any use of an alarm clock, or using mantras and I thought: “Hey I could give it a try!”. So I was just relaxing and wasn’t really doing anything when suddenly pictures started to form in front of eyes. Unfortunatly I was unable to hold into the images and I fell asleep. However I feel I’m close to achieve lucidity. So that’s all.

I’m glad someone finally said for themselves their on the path to success instead of uselessly asking "Is this a sign that I’m getting closer ? ". Of course it is, why you asking !!?

Oh and Sev, did you see those pictures clearly and moving or were they just flashes ? And did you see them with your eyes open or closed ? No SP ?

I wish you luck anyhow on further experiences :smile:

They weren’t flashes they were clear images, very detailed. They looked like some kind of expressionist painting.

In that case it’s pretty awkward for you losing interest in them. I mean, if I would see images while ‘fading into the dream world’ I couldn’t possibly lose focus on them (I think), but I don’t get HH or other things as such, only SP.

Anyways, why didn’t you try to jump in them or to change them ? :meh:

Well I didn’t really know what I was doing. However I will be prepared tonight. So any kind of advice would come in handy.
edit: It was my first try at lucid dreaming.

You know, such things are pretty random (at first). The only way to “be prepared” for it is to be prepared each and every night.
What kind of advice can I give you ? What will you try ? WILD, MILD ?

Anyways, if you’ll get those images again, I suggest you try to do something with them - don’t let them be: try to change them, try to mentally take part in them. HH’s are (I believe) a good OBE sign, so you could have one if you try. But OBE’s which come randomly are very rare - try to jump out of RL and enter your images.

I never had an actual OBE, so I can’t tell you much about it, but still wish you further luck :smile:

I don’t really get the jumping part. Should I try to jump like I would in real life or should I imagine myself jumping?

Of course you should imagine yourself jumping. Why would you want to end up jumping up in your bed all of a sudden ? :content:

The idea is to imagine not only yourself doing it, but feeling it. Imagine feeling it. You know, when you’re going to sleep lying there and you portray yourself swinging (for example) you slightly feel yourself for some fractions of a second swinging even though you’re in bed. You feel how it’s like.

Now this might sound kinda complicated, but the idea is to try anything to join those images, turn them into a LD. Do some research on OBE’s - might interest you.

Thanks for your help! Very useful information. Tonight I will know what should I do.

Congrats on the HI :grin:

One comment, though. Those images can come in different amounts of vividness. They can be simply colored patterns or sillouettes, or they can be very vivid images. As soon as they start forming (and remember they aren’t necessary to LD! so it’s not really a good idea to expect them too much), but if they do form, as soon as they appear, they tend to be a bit fragile. Sometimes just becoming aware of them can make them fade away. What I do is I stay calm and focus on the image at first just like you do when you are in a boring class and you notice your mind has wandered and your sight is out of focus. Focus without using your eyes too much, just be aware of whatever it is. After a few seconds you can start gently trying new things, as looking around slowly, and later, you can try to grab something from the scene you are seeing, or just rub your hands. The HI gets stronger with time and more stable as it’s starting to become a dream.

Whatever you end up doing, don’t worry. Even if you make the images go away, it will be a valuable experience and you’ll get a better feeling about how it all works :tongue: