First SP experience,need help!?

Yup,as from the title

“I woke up,to the sound of someone using the shower,must have been my dad back from work.I decide to stay up for a bit so i lay on my back.But ,my brain does not approve that,it makes me to to sleep and i forget to sleep in my tummy instead.Then i wake up again,this time,to a sound of breathing.I know it is definitely not mine,how could it if it were so loud.Then it hits,i have been reading about sp during the night and i am laying on my back,i am experiencing an episode of SP.I freak out,my 1st sp.I see someone putting their hands through my chest,and squeezing it.I am asthmatic but anyway i felt like i had little oxygen left.Then i close my eyes and break free from sp,i start moving and the monster goes.The elephant in my chest goes,i felt like i didn’t ever want to LD ever again but then i said,next time,use SP to make you LD”

And that was the story
The weird thing was,i never was doing a WILD since WILD doesn’t work for me.
Moving on:
What do i do in order to not lose control and use it to ld next time??Has anyone had these,how did they overcome it the next time they would LD,experiences and support are welcome :grouphug:


If you have claustrophobia it may be hard, I honestly don’t know much about the breathing part but I would think it has something to do with breathing slower when you sleep because you need less oxygen, so I wouldn’t be concerned unless I were feeling sick from lack of oxygen. If you are dying of asphyxiation your body tends to wake itself up, so it should be safe. Just realize that you are not likely in any real danger and try to think about it in a logical fashion.

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Thanks @Q17
Helped a lot
But just to say,i am npt claustrophobic nor do i have asphyxiation.I need to think logic,you are correct