First Steps to WILD part VI (Basic WILD Q&A)

I have only done WILD once which was an accident so obviously I am going to have some questions

-When I see pictures they are always all green and dont have any other color, is that because I don’t wait long enough or because it is how my mind works.

-I never have sound until I enter the dream. (In the one time I did it and I don’t have sound period the other times) again is it that I don’t wait long enough or because its how my mind works.

-And I almost always see scenes happening (without sound) but can’t enter them are there any tips on how to do this.

There are various stages of HH and HI, and they don’t always have to go in order. There’s nothing saying you have to hear sound before the dream etc, etc. However, to better answer your question it would help if you could give us some more info. When are you trying WILD, right when you go to bed or have you already slept for a while?

In the middle of the day, right before bed, and after I wake up. (so basically every time but the middle of the night

Hi! :happy:

When I was a kid, I would frequently have nightmares when I went to sleep of a night.
These were terrifying and I’ll never forget them. Now that im a teenager, I don’t have them nearly as often (I think my last one was about 2 months ago) so now I get much more sleep, which is good.

Lately, I’ve been looking into Lucid Dreaming, as I think it would probably the most fun you could have ever. Imagine being able to control a world completely every night? That would be awesome!

Anyway, I looked for tips on how to lucid dream, and I came across the WILD method. I wanted to try it, but I think it would be a bad idea. You see, while I don’t have nightmares as often as I did, when I do, they’re even more terrifying than the last, and after I have one, the next few nights I try putting off sleep for as long as I can to avoid dreaming again (despite knowing I can’t be harmed) and that’s bad when I have school and things.

So, if I still have bad dreams, and they are still scary, I don’t think it’s a good idea for me to try WILD, because I think I’ll most likely hallucinate sounds and images which will be especially bad if I end up being conscious while in Sleep Paralysis.

Basically, is there any tips to still do WILD but reduce the chance of hallucinating, or at the very least tips on what to do if I do see scary imagery and things?

Thanks. :happy:

i only succed on wild twice but i can tell you there is nothing to be afraid, you must learn to not be afraid of the process, if you are afraid you might hallucinate bad things, and if you do, just stay calm, its all in you head,

so tips??

-don’t open your eyes at any moment specially when you are close

  • there are a lot of wild methods maybe you could try counting to 100 in your mind and check if you are dreaming once you finish.
    -always watch the color patterns behind your eye lids, and always be awear of what is happening

btw try MILD first, its easier, and if you haven’t had a lucid dream yet it will help you to know more what you are doing. WILD is the hardest method so i don’t recomend yiu to start with it.

Ok, I’d go ahead and cut it out right when you go to sleep, it won’t help you very much since it’s generally very difficult then. As for the other times you’ll need to play around with times then.

Here’s a link to my general advice on WILD clicky here

With me while I am trying WILD I can imagine something and it is what I see, if this ends up working for you it might help. (but I’m not sure if it works with WILD it just at least gets rid of scary images)

I’ve put a great deal of effort into WILDing without getting much in return, I am going to perserve but I was just wondering if maybe I’m doing it wrong.

When I do try to WILD, I feel loads of vibrations and I see lots of sprites, that bits fine. But then I feel like I’m accelerating and I’m going faster and faster and my heart beats really fast and I find it hard to not start gasping for air. Obviously its tough to remain calm in this situation so I wanna know if anyone else gets this, and if so, how do you deal with it?

I used to and still sometimes do. Vibrations and images are Good signs that your on the right track. The stronger and more apparent they become, the closer you are. However you can’t be laying there, feel your body start vibrating, and then be like, omg I’m close I’m close! You don’t want to pay attention to these signs necessarily, I’m pretty sure you don’t want your mind paying to much attention to one thing and less on simply falling asleep. The secret to wild is to get your body so relaxed that it practically passes out on you. Relaxation is key. But if your getting anxious about the vibrations or excited, your not going to get relaxed. Hope this helps

Well, first of all, SP and HH don’t need to be scary, they are scary only if you are afraid of them. Experienced dreamers get pleasant hallucinations.

And if you still don’t like the idea, you can try a different method, many of them could be good for you, it’s only up to you to decide which one’s the best :smile:

just wan’t to know how many people can say they can WILD,
and hiw difficult it was for you to learn it?

(Short post :grin:

I’ve done it before, with WBTB. It will not work if you try to do it from the moment you go to bed… the REM cycles are too short then anyway. It can be a little difficult to get perfect, but that doesn’t matter a lot of the time. The thought that goes into it will increase the likelihood of getting lucid whether or not you actually get wild to perform ideally, and it does get easier in succession.

It’s still not really a beginners technique though. It’s better to go through the MILD and constant reality check methods at first, which done faithfully, should provide a decent LD return. It took me a few years to perform WILD successfully, but I wasn’t dedicated to it. I reckon it could probably be performed successfully within a week or two by even someone who hadn’t done it before if approached intelligently and regularly. I guess I don’t consider it as hard-to-do as much as easy-to-miss.

If you’re so interested, you should probably read the WILD guides thoroughly. At least two of them, in case one doesn’t explain something well or gives a better idea.
(I was replaying to the topic before it got moved here. I’m sure the more experienced WILD’ers will give better advice)

Ok, thanks for the help guys. :happy:

I’ll give WILD a shot tonight. I’ve tried MILD and WBTB before, but they only worked the first time, I tried for about a week later with no success, so i decided to move on to another technique.

I’ll let you know what happens.

My experience was very similar to Masonc1’s. It wasn’t hard to learn because I learned it in the process of getting lucid while using other techniques. I didn’t concentrate on WILD like I have to learn this NOW!

It took me almost 2 years to get WILD working but when I did I can say that 2/3 of my lucid dreams are WILD.

I think it’s a great technique for beginners but not as only tech. Doing WILD you experience too many new things at once. SP, HH, even lucid dreams… Those things are very intense and if you experience them all at once it can be overwhelming… So doing WILD with other techniques is great because for WILD you need time and a lot of experimenting…

Also if you don’t expect too much if you are pleased only with what is happening and with results you are getting then all this is working even better… But if you expect WILD to work after one night week or a month and you don’t make it work of course that WILD will seem as a failure as your attempt too…

so far wild has been nice to me, but i have this problem, when the solid scenario comes in, i just don’t know what to do next,
how does stepping in doess actually works? Should i do like i actually use my real body? Or i must use my mind for entering? I just fear that if i try to move i will move my real body

Whenever I get the feeling that I’ve gotten a scenario to really form around me, I’ll usually start with something simple like rubbing my hands. After I rub a little I do an RC, and most of the time I find I have already gotten into a dream without realizing it. Now, your mind can be tricky. Even if you are sure it’s your RL hands moving and you can feel your bedding, make sure to do an RC. I’ve lost a lot of WILD’s from FA XD

I agree with Chronic. If you try WILD ing for while, though this should ‘wear off’. Also try meditating, as it calms you down, or listening to heartbeat (kinda meditating too really :shy: ).

If you’re not already doing it, I’d suggest you try WILD at least 4-6 hours after you’ve first been to bed. It’ll help with the slightly unpleasant side effects like the fast heart beats and you’ll fall asleep much quicker. Overall it’s a much more pleasant experience :content:

I have been trying WILD for a while, and I have been doing it just right, but I keep falling asleep before anything can happen. Help?

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When you WILD you usually face one of two problems: Not being able to fall asleep, or falling asleep too fast.

Remember that when you’re not WILDing to fall asleep while being awake. You can’t do two opposite things at once. What you’re trying to do is falling asleep while being aware.

One of the reasons you fall asleep without noticing is because you succumb to one of the random thoughts or HIs that pop up into your head. I think you may notice this; as you’re falling asleep your mind wanders off severely.

To counter this, you need to force back your mind to WILD. This needs you to notice that you’re wandering off, and as long as you can do this you’re fine. Somewhere at the end of your WILD, this may become somewhat difficult. If you lose concentration for 5 seconds that will be enough to fall asleep without awareness.

One of the tricks to doing this is to watch the random thoughts with awareness. I will give you an example:

A random, vivid thought of a banana with wings comes into your head. It’s flying away! You remark how silly it is, and are eager for the next random thought or HI.

Make sure not to interact with these thoughts, instead just passively observe them. Here is an example of what NOT to do:

A random vivid thought of a banana with wings comes into your head. It’s flying away! You decide to chase it and see where it goes.

If you do that, you will just end up in a normal dream.

By the way, you can use the search function to check what people previously asked, it might help you out.