First Steps to WILD part VI (Basic WILD Q&A)


What form of meditation do you suggest to promote WILD?

Obviously you are not enough mentally awake, you know: mind awake, body asleep thing… :content:

Do WILD with WBTB. You can do WBTB any way you like it. But from your post it looks like you need to do more to awake yourself. So for first few night try to wake up and go to bathroom, drink some water and make few laps in house, that’s how I do it. If that doesn’t work then do laps around the house[just kidding :grin: ]. Then try other things that would wake you up…

If that doesn’t solve the problem, then when WILD’ing try some techniques for keeping your mind awake, counting, visualizing and such things…

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Thank you! I also read exploring the world of lucid dreaming every night before bed.
So, will WILD give me vivid lucid dreams?

I have been trying WILD for a while now and have been having some problems.
I’ve tried it atleast 10 times. And this time i was close. I was lying in bed feeling my body go numb and almost paralyzed. I have never gotten any longer than this before. But this time the darkness started to show blue eyed wolfs. I got so exited that I think my mind made me focus to much on trying to go deeper in the dreamworld wich made it black again. And my body woke up and my eyes opened almost automaticly. Do you think that I need to be more relaxed before trying wild or is it not the problem?
Also I apologise for any spelling/grammar mistakes. English is not my first language :smile:

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What time of the night are you trying to wild? Wild much harder to do if you are trying to do it at the begining of the night, WBTB + WILD is much more effective.

You should read this if you havent already, it should be helpful. WILD: An user friendly tutorial

Thanks! The link explained alot and I will keep what I read in mind next time I try.

I was trying to do it right before going to sleep. The time might have been around 01:00
Is it much easier if I try it during a mid-day nap?

yes its supposed to be easier to WILD during a nap because you go straight into REM sleep during a nap. Ive never tried it with a nap though because I dont have the time.

Its supposed to be easiest after either 4.5 hours or 6 hours of sleeping because that is when your longer REM periods are, you dream during REM. you have an REM period after every 1.5 hours of sleep and they get longer the longer you have been a sleep, your first REM period is only about 5 minutes long and after 6 hours of sleep it is like an hour long.

Thanks! I will try it during a nap. But as you say. Time is a bitch :razz:

Hi. I’m very new to lucid dreaming. I’ve only achieved two short ones.

I am able to nap and fall into sleep paralysis and one time I woke up vibrating so I think I could probably do WILD eventually.

My problems are as follows:

  1. I don’t actually stay awake through the whole sleep paralysis process. I’ll fall asleep and sometimes happen to wake up while SP is occurring. Most times I sleep through and blow the whole attempt. Ive tried counting or concentrating on breathing, but it doesn’t work. :cry:

  2. The times I have woken up in SP, I don’t know what to do with it. Do i wait until the feeling subsides before I do anything? Or am I supposed to try to move my ‘dream body’ as the tingle/heaviness/vibration is occurring? Am I supposed to keep my eyes closed or open them?

Am I in a dream (even if it looks like my room) when SP feels like it ends? Should I immediately try to stand up? Whenever I let the SP take it’s course, I’m just awake again in my room.

I’ve read pretty much all the tutorials that say to visualize some scenery and I can’t seem to do that. I can picture a scene in my mind, but it’s never solid enough for me to feel like I can enter it. And I never see hynagogic imagery that could morph into something bigger.

I’d appreciate some detailed tips on what to do during and after the point of SP to enter a dream.

Well, the main problems with WILD is either losing consciousness as you fall asleep, or not being able to fall asleep./

You should note that falling asleep isn’t the problem, it’s losing consciousness when you fall asleep. What you want during WILD is to fall asleep with awareness, how can you be dreaming without falling asleep?

If counting or concentrating on breathing doesn’t work, try this:

When you’re falling asleep you always get those really vivid random thoughts/pictures (this is HI). These can turn into scenes, or places. One of the reasons you fall asleep is because you get distracted by them, and forget about WILDing. Getting distracted by them is very easy, and you can’t shut them out unless your a master at mediating.

The trick is to observe them, but not interact with them. Here’s one thing you might want to experiment with; every time you have the vivid thought/HI, imagine yourself in it or in front of it doing a reality check. After that, just forget about it and do the same thing for the next HI. This increases your chance of having a DILD IF you fall asleep without consciousness.

I have that wake up into SP thing often, right after falling asleep for 1 minute or so. I’ll suddenly remember that I was WILDing in the dream I am in, and I’ll wake up into sleep paralysis.

Sleep paralysis is when your body falls asleep, and your mind is confused between your dream body and your physical body. It’s your job to separate from your physical body, and step out in the dream version of your room. From there you can start a LD. (Make sure to reality check, you might not be dreaming)

I usually move out of my body by floating out of it. This took me a few SPs to figure out though, I only do it because it’s the funnest way :wink: There are many ways to get out of your body, just google OBE exits and you’ll find lots.

Sometimes I have a bit of difficulty moving out of my body, so I do it one limb at a time. I move up my arm, then my second, then my torso, then I float over my body. The important thing is to not use your muscles, but to will it to happen. If you try moving for real, you’re not going to be able to (since you’ll be in SP)

Don’t open your eyes in SP. You get hallucinations, but that isn’t a big problem. If you move into your LD while opening your eyes in SP, your eyes IRL might be still a bit open. This will cause your real sight to overlap with your dream sight, which gets really frustrating. I don’t know how rare this is, but it happened to me yesterday :silent:

EDIT: NEVER try WILD at the beginning of the night. It’s either at a nap, or after WBTB


Thank you for your answer it helped me a bit but i still have the problem of falling asleep.
I tried counting but i still fall asleep.
When i try to WILD, it’s in the night just after a dream. I usually dont get up.
I have never really experiences HI but i have a lot of random thoughts and i get distracted by them.
Here are my questions :

1)Should I get up in order to do a correct WBTB or can I just stay in bed?
2)Will I enter REM sleep right after falling back to sleep when i wake up?

Ask me any questions if needed

I will start my post with this quote because it’s very important for you. Not experiencing HI is nothing to worry about, we (because I don’t experienced them a lot or at all too) need to rely on body sensations that you described - tingle/heaviness/vibration. They are in our situation more important then HI. HI can be and they are tricky. You have to play a lot with them in sense to figure out how you can interact of can’t interact with them, with body sensations there is not much to do. They are more reliable then HI. They always come, and they always feel almost the same and you can be sure what is next and what to do when you feel certain body sensation.

  1. & 2. :

Now that follows the story from above. Like said before don’t try WILD at bed time because it’s useless. Now when you are doing it with WBTB you can always expect tingle/heaviness/vibration. In my opinion if you can be aware and conscious till that point you are successful. Because the next thing I do WHILE feeling those sensation I let myself fall asleep. The thing is being conscious till that point but then you need to let awareness go because that’s you vibrating because you want to make transition from waking state into dream state. But if you don’t do anything if you just stay in same mental state as when you were waiting SP to occur then you will experience those vibrations but after a few seconds you will be awake and very much awake, after that you may experience insomnia, it’s very common.

So from my experience, when you start to feel vibrations, try to fall asleep, because dream world is on one “vibration” away… I’m not saying that’s going to work for you 100% but still give it a chance and you may be successful. Good luck! :content:


Oh, and this was my 1000th post! Woohoo! :mrgreen_hat:

Thank you kache and db_FTS.

I suppose i need to grasp the concept of being asleep while aware at the same time. When I sleep, Im not focused on what I was just doing. But i will try.

Thanks again. I’ll return and share how it goes.

Hello again,

I just got out of a nap and i got some issues. I relaxed and stayed still and after a while i felt numbness and even some vibration but every time i felt it i couldnt prevent myself from focusing on these feeling wich made it stop making me aware.

Then i just went to sleep. I dreamt but sometimes i remember that i was tring to wild and it woke me up full of vibration.

So what should i do because i could probably use these feeling

Like I said before, when you feel vibrations try to fall asleep. Maybe this was harder to do because it was nap, if you get enough night time sleep then naps aren’t really necessary. Even if you feel that you are tired and if you feel like you need to take a nap it doesn’t mean that you will enter REM sleep therefore dream… But when you lost consciousness then this transition was made automatically which I guess is easier then doing it manually…

Ok i will

But if i fall asleep may i just enter a ND?

Theoretically, yes. But if you lose consciousness it doesn’t mean that you fall asleep or better say REM sleep. If you remember dreams then you did but the question is how good transition you can make. I can’t help you a lot with this because I don’t have experience with WILD on naps. I’ve tried it but I had no success because I don’t remember dreams from naps, I guess I was just not enough tired to enter REM sleep.

I guess i just need some training.
I will try other kind of wild then like fild or sild.
thank you anyway and congrat for your 1000’s post by the way

Yeah, experimentation is the key.

Thanks man! :grin: