First steps

I have been reading a lot about lucid dreaming and started using one of the techniques I read about last night. No lucidity yet but its way to early to expect results however I woke up roughly 6 to 8 times last night.

Does this sound right? I normally sleep all through the night. Could this be a good sign that I am on the right track?[/img]

It’s a good sign, possibly you woke up so many times because of excitement, but it would be great if you could woke up after every dream and record it or write it down in your DJ, that would help for DR. You can use so many wakings, there is technique DEILD or chaining - technique where you wake up from a dream and then re-enter the same dream or another one as lucid, but sometimes you can chain ND as well…

With some time and experience it would be good if you could teach yourself to wake up after 5 or 6 hours of sleep for WBTB technique, but first things first! :grin:


Upon waking there was nothing at all I could remember though. I hope it starts.happening more

Just give it some time… DR is something you have to build, step by step, in this quest of becoming lucid is nothing more appreciated as positive approach and good mindset…

I hope you’ll get some lucid dreams very soon! :wink:


one good way of boosting your dream recall is asking yourself “What was i just doing?” throughout the whole day. a lot of times, as much as you can. and then keep retracing back what you did just now, just a minute ago, and all the way, even till yesterday. after of just one day of doing that, i remembered 3 dreams in the morning. somehow it really activates your DR a lot. apparently it also helps lucidity a lot, but i’m still waiting for it to become a habit and carry over to my dreams. i think it might take some more time.