First Time Dreamer Requires a Push-Start

Alrighty, here’s the skinny thus far… For the past three days I’ve absorbed every reputable source on lucid dreaming available on line, examined the works of Fred Alan Wolf in “Mind and the new Physics” and even gone so far as to watch “Waking Life” by Richard Linklater 5 times in the past 48 hours (It’s not that I’m very studious, it’s just that I quite like that film). My reality checks are beginning to irritate my friends, the mild technique has transformed my pre-sleep daze into a rigorous cycle of affirmations and I have even begun waking up a full two hours early only to read for half an hour and go back to SLEEP!
However, all this has not been without some result; My first serious foray into the dream world yeilded zero dream recall. My second (occuring this very morning) yeilded detailed dream recall plus an avalanche of half remembered dreams from years ago (All of which I remeber as being increadibly vivid at the time). As yet… No lucidity…
I’m sure that some of you fine people must, at some point, have been in a similar situation to me. If ANYONE who has achieved control and recollection of their Astral Jaunts can relate to anything they’ve read here, PLEASE give me a hoy!
Additionaly, anyone able to clarify exactly how mind blowing the experiance is, feel free to enlighten me…

Maybe you’re trying too hard and want it too much. try relaxing for a few days, just let it come to you. Also trying just one technique at a time works for me, maybe you should cut down a bit.

P.S. the experience is mindblowing-in an ld you are god if you believe you are!

Do as Alex says. Write down your dreams. And after one-two weeks, try a NILD (info about NILD: ) This worked for me, and NILD is very effective