First time TRYING to Lucid Dream.

Hi guys, a few years back, I remember lucid dreaming one night. I didn’t try to or practice and at that stage, I didn’t even know what lucid dreaming was.

Now that I do know, I really want to do it again. I really can’t trust myself to keep this dream journal. I just forget about this sort of thing too easily. I’ve been looking at the methods, and the WBTB method appears to be the best. I have a few questions though.

  1. What is a suitable amount of time to sleep throughout the night? 7 hours, or is more time needed?

  2. I’ve read two ways of doing this, one being that you wake up after 5ish hours and walk around and something for 30 minutes. The other is that you should go back to sleep straight away. Which is the better method?

  3. I can’t wake myself up in the middle of the night, so am I able to use a very gentle alarm or something?

So yeah, those are my main concerns. If you have anymore tips for a newbie like myself, please, throw them my way :razz:.

hi, Welcome on the forum!

First i have to tell you that a dream journal is highly recommended!
It will help you to be more aware in your dreams and to know your dreams better.
1)It changes from people to others, but a night long enough is important. Try what fits for you
2)About the WBTB, it depends too. If you tend to fall back to sleep too quickly during the night, you should stay awake longer. But if it prevents you from sleeping, you should make it shorter. once again find what fits for you
3)You can use a really gentle alamrm but you risk to not wake up at the right time. But it can works.
You can also tell yourself that you will wake up after each dreams (works for me)

Ask any questions if needed.
Good luck!

  1. If you’re asking how much is needed for lucid dreaming, you can get lucid in a very short dream, half an hour can be enough too.

  2. There are lots of methods, and they are located here:
    Experiment and try to determine which one works best for you, we can’t know that.

  3. You can try mantras, repeating a phrase 'till you fall asleep. Say it’s ‘‘I’m going to wake up at x’’ and just repeat it. Cool enough, it worked for me every time :smile:

My first time trying I had the most success as I haven’t had any since then. I went into sleep paralysis when trying the WILD technique. Then I got excited and woke up.