First Time

I am a 19yr old and because I am still young I can remember dreams very often.

Well I just read about Lucid Dreaming and very interested but I don’t know where to start.

The reason why I am so interested is because in the last few years I have had some really good dreams and sometimes I could kinda control them till I would wake up.

So where should I start?

Reading about the diffrent methods (MILD WILD WBTB etc.) could be a good place to start.

Hi PeterK welcome to the forum!

Be sure to read all the stuff on the main website , theres lots of info to get you started! If you have any questions after reading feel free to ask on the forum. Good luck :smile:.

Ok well had my first night of sleep and I tryed MILD and well no luck in having LD but I remember atleast 2 dreams and 1 of them very detailed and other one only little bit I remember.

I am someone who can’t fall sleep easy so it can take me good 1hour before falling a sleep so MILD doesn’t quite work that well for me.

But you dont need to do MILD untill you drop asleep, just do it 10 minutes and quit, then fall asleep naturally. Works best for semi-insomniacs :smile:.

Like me :wink:.

I would also suggest that you use WBTB, RC’s and keep a DJ along with MILD :smile:.

Ok been reading about WILD and little bit confused on what exactly is a hypnagogic image and how exactly do I see it and does it look like a real object or what.

When trying to have a LD do you have to be tired or can it be done when full awake.

HI is the visuals you have on the onset of sleep, it is so to speak, dreaming while you are still 1/2 awake. That’s why HI is often used for WILD, try to let yourself be immersed by the HI so they turn into a dream.

For WILD, being a bit tired is ok, but not too much because then you will fall asleep unconsciously very fast. For DILD it does not matter, as long as you fall asleep.

My first time with HI, i was in a black void and i could see fast snaps of images firing everywhere, if you can get this far, try focusing on one of the images :wink: