First time!

YES first time i finally got out my body, anyway i was laying down, and i was extremely tired watching a movie, so i fall asleep and i decide to relax and play with it for a bit, so im dazing off to sleep trying to feel the vibrations next thing u know unoticably i had strong vibrations, no noise in my ears or anything, and i was paralyzed with my eyes closed, couldnt open them i tried and seen the movie i was watching :eek: !, anyway i kept trying to wake up it seemed like for ever, i would feel my self waking up and i was back in this stage, then a couple times later on i would just go with it and feel my self floating away from my body straight ahead in the direction of my feet, and i got too scared and tried my hardest to go back in mt body and when i like payed attention to what was happening instead of bieng scared and missing it, the last time this happened, i decided to look while i was coming out my body yet agian i seen the same movie i was watching it was night and it seemed so real, but it also looked like broken glass or like i was ripping threw a jigsaw puzzle at times, then i felt my self coming out my body and felt this thing like when u swallow something big, in my throat and i was breathless/cpuldnt breath, but once i finally got out and was floating i started floating in the direction toward my feet agian, so i decided to get out and walk so i was walking around my room looking and everything seemed so real, and also something wierd, i could also feel my body, its like i had 2 senses and i could feel it vibrating as well, and i was trying to think of transporting, but it didnt work at first, then next thing u know im in this dark room with a porn scene(haha sorry) and i was thinking that negative energies feed off your energy and it was very bad to have sex with them, but i remember clearly, she was a blonde with curly hair and a nice body, anyhow, some stuff i didnt mention was, i was EXTREMELY pissed when i couldnt wake up, so i started thinking “Who the f*** is doing this, this isnt a trance i was experiencing before and dam well isnt sleep paralysis” also i forgot to mention one of the times i felt my self like slamming threw my body and it felt like i was going threw alot of layers in my body and was very fast, anyhow, did i astral project? it felt like it, felt real, i loved it, also anyone have any explanations of why i kept going to the same part, over and over, of me bieng in my body and it feeling like i was gonna wake up and then i would be back in the same stage as i was before!?

wow, that was some experience!
i recognize the part of going back into stages until you are out of your body.
weird stuff about the porno scene? you mean you didn’t want to be there but couldn’t leave?
Also interesting how you still saw the movie during the experience.

yes really does sound like an AP! congrats!

you had everything, re-entry, breathing being passed to auto function, vibrations, astral sight perhaps. I’m amazed at feeling those layers at re-entry.

Sometimes I get FAs and strange experiences I cannot classify either. Just enjoy them and have fun, knowing it adds to your bag of EXPERIENCE! :happy:

I’d say you had an OBE into the real-time zone, not an AP. The fact that your room seemed so real is a strong indication for this. If you’re in the astral realms, you’ll find hardly any resemblance to your natural waking environment.
The real-time zone lies between physical reality and the higher astral world. The environment here resembles waking reality very much but it’s highly influenced by thought so it’s likely that you’ll see many “mistakes”, such as wrong doors or moved/materialized objects…
If you want to project into the astral realms from within the real-time zone, you’ll need to find certain anomalies such as doors which don’t exist in real life. Imagine that you’ll find the entrance to the astral world behind the door and open it. You’ll probably find other doors behind it, but continue to open them until you arrive at your destination. The entrance to the astral realms can be recognized as several flat planes but with huge inner dimensions, realms and little kingdoms. Sometimes you can also enter it through a tube-like entrance…
Good luck with your next projections!!

PS: An excellent book about OBE and AP, with lots of exercises and techniques, is Robert Bruce - Astral Dynamics.

The Real-Time Zone? Very interesting. I have a book about OBEs and Astral Projections and such (It’s calld “The Astral Projection Workbook”), but I never heard of this before. Makes sence though, because I’ve read about some reports of projectors who seemed to be in the physical reality but were confused because there were a lot of “mistakes” as you said. What else to you know about the Real-Time Zone? (RTZ?)

hey that sounds like the majority of my experiences when i do WILD!
The house looks the same but not really, indeed, anomalies…

but then i fly through a window or step through a mirror and then i end up in a different world… is that a gateway to an astral realm then?
Usually i fly through a window, and the environment starts familiar but quickly changes into places i never seen before.

But i wouldn’t know if that would be an astral plane or still the real time zone influenced by my thoughts/ld.

How would i know i’m out of the RTZ and into another ‘level’?

i always thought those WILD experiences of mine weren’t really OBE b/c the environment was always different than IRL.

This term is used by Robert Bruce and as far as I know he’s the only author who uses it. So perhaps this OBE level has other names…
Here’s a description, taken from his book:

Some other things worth to mention:

  • The astral body is far more stable than the real-time body, but same thing here: it will only be seen if deliberately looked for.
  • Animals seem to have a natural ability to project into the RTZ when they’re sleeping, so look out for your dog if you’re in :wink: There’s a small chance that you’ll encounter astral wildlife in the RTZ. These animals are usually not keen on new projectors and although they can be pretty scary, they can never hurt you. They come from the lower astral subplanes.
  • You may also meet elementals, such as the harmless but frightening “dweller on the threshold”. Sometimes he’s standing next to your bed at the moment of projection. Just demand him to leave or ignore him and he won’t appear again.

You can only enter the true astral realms if you go through the gates. You can perceive two basic types of structures when you enter the astral realms throught their surfaces:

  1. Astral plane-type structure: a flat, two-dimensional plane of infinite proportions, usually first seen from great height, with the plane’s surface seen below extending to all horizons. The surface is covered in thin, black, neatly spaced, horizontal and vertical grid lines, making for a neat, checkered appearance. These grid lines outline squares that cover the entire surface. Each square contains a single, identical multicolored geometric pattern, repeated endlessly in every other square.
  2. Astral tube-type structure: a more complex tunnel or tubelike structure, containing internal grid lines and geometric patterns, often brightly coloured. The grid lines and patterns are internal, thus are not easily viewed in their entirety as with the astral plane-type of entrance structure. Projectors also usually hear a rushing sound, musical notes, tones, and other sounds as they move through an astral tube.

Based upon this I’d say you haven’t entered the astral realms but just saw environments shaped by your thought. The best thing to find the entrance is to look to anomalous doors (not windows), concentrate on finding the entrance and then open the door. It’s pretty normal that you’ll find whole series of doors, but keep opening them while strengthening your intention of ultimately finding the entrance. Let us know if you find it :smile:

mystic, an OBE in the real-time zone IS an AP, the real time zone is part of the astral according to Robert Bruce. You just went more specifc, and called it RTP.

True, he mentioned that some would say that the RTZ is part of the lower astral realms. However you can clearly notice that he treated the RTZ as a completely separate and neutral dimensional level. He even mentions this somewhere in the book. So based upon that, I don’t think RTP isn’t an true AP, but only a projection into the buffer zone between the physical universe and the astral world.

mystic, I like that idea of the real-time zone buffer area, it feels more general to describe anything that happens close to or in the physical. However RTP sounds awkward and “OBE to the real-time zone” is way too long. Most people seem to use the term EP (Etheric projection) for RTP, but is that really accurate? I know terminology doesn’t replace what a person knows from experience, but it makes a big issue when trying to communicate.

pasQuale, only from experience I believe we’ll know the difference between LDs, Phasing, Projections to different planes or focus levels, and induced NDEs. Every author has their own view on things (Robert Monroe, Robert Bruce, William Buhlman, Bruce Moen etc.) and they all offer many methods for us to try. From experience, I have Projected only to stop and think “this is only a LD!” Other times, I said “this [Projection] is REAL!” then blanked out and woke up later with weak memory of something apparently amazing. I can never be sure what each of those was right now, but through experience I will know for myself.

Well, Etheric Projection isn’t quite accurate because the etheric body can never be projected. The boundaries of this energy body always coincide with the boundaries of the physical body, but can expand only VERY slightly while meditating, dreaming or OBEing. If it was possible to project the etheric body, we would be dead :smile:
I can’t think of another term for RTP however… Astral Buffer Projection perhaps?? :wink: Perhaps it’s only a matter to get used to that name.

Hey Mystic. Thats kind of wierd you mentioned doors, becauseyou just braught a memory to me, where i now remember going threw my bed room door and just ending up in that Porn scene.

Thanks, does this mean I walked into the astral or just went some where else? and also the reason i remembered thinking to my self about them feeding of you is because i could sense her bieng a bad/negetive energy. is this also natural because it was like a sixth sense for me.