First truly long, 100% vivid lucid dream!

This is incredible!
This morning I had my very first really long lucid dream, and it was crystal clear!

It started out with me writing down a dream and then falling back asleep, and then when I “woke up” I noticed that my watch was 10:30 AM, which I found strange since I always wake up from the alarm clock, and it was set on 9:00.
so I tried moving in my bed, and I saw that my room looked different, with doors in different places etc - and I knew that this was one of those dreams again, and this time I decided that I am going to have it last for a long time.
The only thing that bugged me a bit was that my eyes were almost completely closed and that I couldn’t open them, so I could only observe the surroundings with the bottom of my eyes.
Still though, after wandering around for a while and feeling curious and fascinated, my sight just kinda returned to normal, and even if I was already impressed by the extreme vividness I was still blown away when my sight returned to normal again - it really did look and feel exactly like walking around in real life!!!
Sure, the audio was still somewhat lacking (it was more or less what you would hear if you plugged your ears in real life), but still, wow! the incredible visual vividness in itself was extremely cool.
I still managed to stay calm, though - I was in a big building, almost like a bunch of corridors, and I walked around and observed people, and suddenly I spotted a cute girl - I immediately walked up to her and kissed her, and her reaction was pretty much exactly what I would expect: a surprised look on her face and the words “what… what are you doing…?”.
I didn’t care too much though, I knew it was a dream anyway, so I gave her another kiss and then walked away trying out other stuff.
I decided to just do whatever I felt like while I was still in the dream, and the sheer feeling of freedom this gave me has made my week, for sure.
It was an incredible realization to suddenly be able to do whatever the heck I wanted without any consequences whatsoever.

Actually I am amazed at how long this dream lasted, I would say it was probably at least 10-15 minutes, which is a huge improvement from 30-40 seconds.
I’m truly looking forward to my next lucid dream! :content:

My only problem with this dream was that my eyelids felt almost completely shut, and they took a few minutes to open.
Do you know what causes this?
Because it would be incredibly awesome to have perfect sight right from the get-go.

Hey,mate,gratz and nice progress :wink: how long have you been trainning ? :smile:

Oh, nice man! Congrats!

Well I would say rub your hands together. What happened later in the dream as you start walking and observing the surroundings you connect with the dream more then you were connected and the beginning. You can do that immediately when you realize that you are dreaming by rubbing hands!

I suppose that your eyelids were mostly shut because you had the FA. That are the features of just waking up, feeling groggy with your eyes almost shut, right? :smile:

Well believe me because today I again loose the battle with FA. I woke up for real and went to bedroom and return to bed. As I felt myself sinking into the thoughts and I felt like I will fall asleep I knew that I need to make a transition or I will fall asleep or become more awake if I screw this up. So I put my attention to one thought and let my self fall asleep with the sensation of rising up. And I found myself in a bed but the rising sensation was so real that I thought that I lift my body up and I said to myself that this is not ok that I will screw my attempt!

And I did but with false assumption… Well just another FA that I did not recognize. But if I did my first step would be rubbing hands to stabilize the dream, to get the feeling of the dream…

Good luck in the future! :content:

Thanks. :content:
Well, it’s a little hard to say, I tend to practice in periods a lot and my motivation really goes up and down, but I would say I have been truly interested in this for about a year now, although I can’t really say I actually practice that much, but I do obviously have a great passion for it since I’m still into it.
I have actually noticed a pattern here that seems to give me lucid dreams really easily - usually I get them when I wake up and record a dream, and then instantly fall asleep again.
I guess I should stick with that strategy since it seems to give me lucid dreams about 70-80% of the time. :smile:

Thank you. :happy:
Yes, rubbing your hands together seems to be quite effective the few times I have remembered to try it, it’s almost like adjusting the light intensity of a lamp so it becomes brighter and brighter, and more clear and vivid all around you.
Apparently the theory behind this is that rubbing your hands together stimulates your senses a lot and forces your brain to become more involved in your physical body, the feeling of friction and movement etc.
But the “closed eyelilds” thing that I experienced in the beginning was basically like having your eyelids half shut in real life - that’s exactly what I experienced when I had this dream in the beginning, it really was THAT vivid.
It was an incredible experience to be sure, there was literally no difference between real life and that dream, except all the obvious dreamsigns, like my bedroom having a door in a completely different place that was connected to a bunch of corridors and hallways.
But everything else was extremely life-like, and it continuously blew my mind throughout the whole dream.

Congrats! :smile: I’m sure you’ll have many more!

It’s hard to say why you had problems opening your eyes, but if it happens again, just try to see through your eyelids. No reason for dream eyelids to block your vision! :smile:

Thank you. :smile:
Yeah, my dream eyes tend to be like that during those super-realistic LD awakenings, it’s exactly like looking around my room after sunrise but with my eyes blocked by some darkness - actually I believe my left eye is almost completely blocked and my right eye can see things a little better.

I was wondering about something else as well:
it seems like my LD’s start in two different ways - either it starts just like the one above, with incredible realism but with my eyes almost shut, OR it starts with a heavy darkness and with my eyes completely open.
Why do I experience these two specific types of dreams?
Could the brightness in real life affect how vivid your dreams are?

I also seem to have more problems walking around in those dark LD’s, it’s like walking in jelly or something.

Congrats on the great LD, Laurelindo! :partying_face:

I have the partially shut eyes sometimes and either I try to open the mand end up opening them IWL (or that’s what it seems like, anyway). Or I get too focused on not having proper sight that I ignore the other senses and the dream collapses. About your questions in the last post, I don’t know, sorry :lol:

Good luck and keep practicing! I also have ups and downs in termos of motivation and am entering another up :happy: So lets rock!