First try at Lucid Dream a success

Dream string oct. 1
(not lucid)
Regular highschool day, except I encounter with a lot old friends from Cardinal Leger.
Regular highschool day, I arrive without a shirt on. My mind asks, why wouldn’t I put a shirt on. I do the nose check, I can breathe. I look at a clock, it says 12:15. I look away, than say to myself, why is school starting at 12:15. I look back and it says 8:15. I proclaim loudly, your mine now bitch. I pull on a shirt (Just kind of appeared). I see my least favorite teacher terrorizing 2 students in a praying mantis like form, I go to punch him in the face. I land it.

:False awakening: (non lucid)
I go to school, we are doing some weird activity to show how family history can affect people :confused: and each of the 3 amusement park trains would represent a families history, and 2 of the families would end up saying dead from heart disease etc on the last cart. I was on the living one, but I jumped back and forth for fun. The whole while I was talking on the phone with one of the 2 students that was being terrorized by the teacher in my lucid dream. I told him all about it, he thought it was pretty damn weird and we continued talking about lucid dreams.

:Real awakening:
:Fall back asleep:

A friend that I no longer communicate with comes over and grabs some of my cds, since I am trying to be nice to him, I ask him which one he wanted. He says all 4. He proceeds to throw them all on the ground but warcraft 3: TFT and then goes away.

:Next dream:

Previously mentioned friend gets a cougar, I am over there talking with him/ his dad, and the cougar starts chasing his dad. I run, and now the cougar has his eyes on me. I run, he catches up, and his bite only feels like that of a small cat.( I think this may be because I was always afraid of his cat because it was vicious.)

Not bad for a first try :happy:

Now here comes my question. How do I cause extra-ordinary things to happen. All i was able to do was summon a shirt :happy: Is this called MILD?

It’s not MILD. MILD is a technique. You have to believe in yourself to control it, believe you can control the dream and you will be able to do it.

You didn’t specify what you did to induce the lucid dream. You said you tried but how? No matter what, it’s a DILD.
As for extraordinary things, try to ‘just do it’.

Well I tried to do it by just thinking " I’m going to have a lucid dream tonight"