first try

So last night was my first try for Lucidity i wonder what happened. I tried to Wild and thinking of walking down stairs just as the guide says and at a point i lost the feeling in my body i opened my eyes but everything was black and i couldnt move. It was like if i were drifting away in the darkness for like ten seconds then i opened my eyes for real. Was this like a good first try or just something else?

don’t really know, nothing like that happened me my first try. Sounds pretty cool tho. maybe u were on a path to lucidity? :smile: Just keep trying and u’ll get it :happy:

what is the best method for a beginner?

WILD is one of the hardest ways, especially for beginners. I think you reached SP so it was a good first try.

Everyone is different and there is no “this is the best for beginners”.

You got pretty far in there, the blackness and losing awareness of your body means you were almost in a dream ^^ from there, you should just have thought of something to visualize, an object, a fruit, and from there go forward until you saw a scene, then you would be pretty much dreaming, and inside that precise scene you visualized :content: You’re really close to your goal, next time you should pretty much do it :colgate: Good luck.

today i took a nap and tried WILD for the first time and i got past HI and was going down a tunnle that was blac seeing a bright white light ahead and when i almost reached it, i went back to HI… what happened???

The feeling that you couldnt move was SP, after you get there, try to visualize a scene and step into it like tosxyChor said. Youre very close! Good luck next time!

undoubtedly MILD. All you have to do is keep a DJ to improve dream recall then repeat to yourself over and over “I will have an LD”

wow!..ok, ive been trying and trying and i havn’t even gotten that far. best for me was some loss of external awareness and some swirling patterns…

Personally, I feel that beginners ought to first get familiar with their dreams.So, I am keeping a dream journal. I am not trying to lucid dream as yet. I don’t want to get into unknown territory totally unprepared. I feel that if I know my dreams better, I will be able to handle lucidity better. What do you think of this?

sleep paralysis u reached my friend.

For dreamer , do what you think you need to do in order to try it.
For me i decided to try it first time and in 15 minutes i was LD

Tried it the second time , after the first LD and success.
I can Lucid dream at will.

since i’ve come here, I read lots of different tips, experiences, methods…and after 2 weeks, I begin to feel the effect of that knowledge, I am now thinking about all I read when I am half-asleep or dreaming, and so I have been able to have lucid dream (LD) a lot more frequently than before (when I didn’t have the slightest idea that I could prepare my mind to have them more frequently). So my advice will be : read a lot of topic there : find methods, read some of the dream journals, and everything you will read, your mind will sometime remember it and try it, and so, you will be on the path to discover what tips work for you, what methods, and what kind of dreams you like to have, and what you want to be able to do in your LD.

I discovered today that I really like to fly in my dreams haha And it’s very inspiring since I draw a lot :smile: and want to draw those beautiful landscapes I saw last night !