First week and after

Hey people!
I have always been fascinated by dreams but the thought of lucidity never crossed my mind. About two weeks ago I stumbled upon this site, read the guide and forum posts and decided to try and become lucid.

The first step was keeping a dream journal. I am good at remembering dreams and writing them down allows me to remember 3 dreams on average. The last one of the sleep cycle seems to have more details(say, 2-3 pages) and I consider this encouraging.

Then were the techniques. I frequent RC’s whenever I see certain objects(mirror, my ipod and others) and try to retrace my day. I take a long time to sleep and I read MILD was good for this so I am giving it a shot. I find that repeating the mantra(“When I sleep tonight I will realise I am dreaming”) gets me to sleep faster than before! I also tried wild when I woke up in the night(I do so often) and felt some sort of acceleration but then lost focus…

Throughout the week and a half I’ve been shot, I’ve been to three schools other than mine, had a reunion and seen my brother in almost all of them. But the one three days ago baffled me;

I was hunted by some guys with guns, I realised something was off( it was snowing) and did an RC. I got excited I was kinda lucid but kept calm soon. Problem is I didn’t have any power! No gun materialised, the guys didn’t answer my questions(they just shot at me), I couldn’t change the place…nothing. In the end a lady came out of the blue and chased them off but I still couldn’t do anything, I woke up.

I haven’t been lucid in another one yet, but I have been chased yesterday. My SC must be f’d up for all I know but I am willing to face it. Any comments/suggestions and how to pick it up from here, much appreciated.

Sorry for the wall :smile:

Congrats on your first LD! This is a very, very good beginning! :smile:
I would suggest that you just go on like you did until now since your DR is apparently really good and RC’s seem to work well for you. You can also do RC’s whenever something odd or dream-related happens IRL.
Don’t worry too much about having no control in this LD! It was your first one and it’s already pretty good that you managed to stay calm instead of getting too excited and waking up as a result. Always remember to avoid doubting in a dream, doubts will most likely result in not being able to do what you want to.
You will have more and more control as you get more and more experienced :smile: You may also want to read these two guides: Dream Control Training Course and Active and Passive Control.
I hope that you get many more LD’s, they’ll come easier after your first one, I’m sure :content:

The doubt thing makes sense indeed. Reading through the links, cool stuff in there. Thanks mate :smile:

Congratulations! :smile:
Don’t worry about control yet. It’s completely natural to have little control at first, especially because you were in a stressful situation. Usually when it comes to LDs, the toughest part is getting them. If you pass that wall, you will gain control in a while :smile: also, belief is very important too. But as i said… You are expecting everything to work on your first try? :smile: is it ever like that IRL? No :rofl: same with dreams… Give it time :smile: