First WILD? Need an answer plz? ...twitches and sensations

I recently started reading The World of Lucid Dreaming by LaBerge and find it out right humorous (and a relief) to read on what I’ve previously felt and gone through in my sleep. Reading up on WILDs, I understood that as the body starts to fall asleep, one may experience twitches, or spasms, or unsual sensations throughout the body, or lack there of. Now, did I understand this right? Cause I have noticed it before, even before reading the book, and it would usually frighten me and wake up. :bored:
Last night was somewhat of a confirmation for this, I believe, and had my first WILD. I started feeling as if my mind was falling, losing some sensation in my body, slowly losing the “ability” to move my limbs, and twitched every so often. Meanwhile, I encountered vivid images in my mind(random at that) and sometimes would “hear” noises. I kept on counting to myself “1…I am dreaming, 2 I am dreaming…” trying to release myself from the fear that I’ve felt before. :eh:
Next thing I know I realized I was in front of a coworker who yelled out “There’s NO way that could be…” which was my trigger into thinking that I was dreaming :grin: , tried to perform a state test while noticing still flowing colors in figures, and I was holding a newspaper that kept changing in my hands. I sorta felt myself laugh and wanting to share this experience. I tried to fly, but only suceeded in “floating” around and my surroundings were never stable. I still felt a bit of fear since I was floating around, and I am afraid of heights. :eek: So I was purposely testing my fears within that dream, but still felt that excited fear as if on a roller coaster.
It could’ve been my constant effort to play with the dream that eventually woke me up…feeling the sensation back in my body, ending up rising from bed. I think only about 30-45 minutes had passed.
Could someone please tell me if I really did experience a WILD, or another type of dream…and if at all was lucid? :content:

Yup, you had an LD! I think it’s a WILD too. You’re lucky, that comes hard to a lot of people. (including me) :thumbs:

Correct me if I’m wrong, fellow LDers. I’ve never done WILD before, only tried, so the people more experienced should answer this too. :smile:

Glad you responded so soon. I have read some more of the site, and feel more comfortable with my experience as being legitimate and probably an early feat in the progess to LDing. Do you, during the daytime, think of dreaming?? I am almost becoming obsessed with the practice, and spend some time contemplating of what I will do at night, and try to do state tests, visualize previous recalled dreams, etc. I think I feel my nights a bit longer, or at least it did when I awoke this morning. Anyways, thank you for your response, and I await from others this morning.

Well I think about it a lot during the day, and do RCs. Even on my blog I have a thing that says: RC- NOW! Haha. I noticed that you started up a DJ too, that’s good. Nice talking to you! :cool:

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That’s great scorpioub! You had a WILD! Congrats! :clap:
And I think it was a rather long one. Waw! :eek: Now you can answer to the WILD poll in my sig… :grin:
The way you did it was perfect. A lot of people are disturbed by hypnagogic hallucinations and sounds.

And me too… :wink: