First WILD success!

I just had a very brief WILD/WBTB success, without even trying!

I got up at around 9:30 this morning, and realizing that it’s Saturday I decided to go back to bed and sleep in. However, I had trouble doing that since the blinds they give us in these dorms aren’t really good at blocking the light from outside. I probably spent a good half hour in bed thinking about lucid dreams before I got so annoyed by all the light in my room that I got up and tacked one of my bed sheets over the window. It was finally dark enough again, so I got into bed and tried to drift off to sleep.

After staring at the black insides of my eyelids for a while, I found myself at the end of my hall, looking out the window. I could see a black lady smoking a cigarette on the terrace. Nothing out of the ordinary, certainly nothing that would normally tip me off to the fact that it was a dream, except I knew I could not possibly be there. Didn’t I decide to sleep in just a couple minutes earlier? I thought to myself, “Very clever, brain, but you’re not fooling me this time!” I tried to do a reality check by sticking my finger through my palm. For some reason it didn’t work. Anyhow, it didn’t really matter, this was almost certainly a dream. I pressed the button for the elevator and hopped on. I knew I could confirm my dream state if this stupid thing wasn’t as painfully slow as it is in real life, and lo and behold, it was nice and speedy. About five seconds later, I found myself on the ground floor of the building.

Somehow I don’t think I was completely into the sleep stage yet, as I could distinctly feel the position of my real life arms, and could feel that my eyelids were shut. When I realized my eyelids must be shut, this made everything go black. This was not good; the last time I tried closing my eyes in a dream I woke up. But luckily I thought on my toes. It doesn’t really matter if my eyes aren’t open. After all, they never are for these dreams. I’ll just re-construct my environment on the insides of these eyelids here. And sure enough, a faded image of where I was began to return. After a little spinning, the vividness was back to what it was before. I went out the door, and decided to explore my dream world. But I had had enough of this using-my-feet-to-get-around crap. I outstretched my arms and flew over the lake, shouting “Bwahahaha, I’m free as a bird!” But the excitement got to me and I woke up.

It was short but still pretty damn cool. :grin:

Congrats! :cool: I have yet to do a WILD. I hope I do someday.

hey man, that sounds awesome could u possibly answer a few of my questions because i really want to WILD/WBTB

1: what time did u go to bed that night?
2: When u WILDed how long did it take you to see those images, did u use any techniques, did you JUST look at your eyelids and u slipped off to sleep?
3: How tired were you when u got up to put a sheet over the window?

thnx 4 the help :wink:

A little after 2 a.m. So I had 7½ hours of sleep before it happened.

Yeah, that’s pretty much all I did. It took about 10 minutes for me to get into the dream state.

I felt pretty rested but still tired enough to be able to go back to sleep.