First WILD success

I had my first WILD this morning! I’ve attempted a couple of times previously but just fell asleep. I’ve been doing reality checks, setting my intention and practicing WBTB for a few months and have been having 1-2 DILDs per week as a result which is good for me. This morning I woke at 6 a.m. after 4 hours of sleep, took 6 mg of galantamine (I take about once a week and have LDs with and without it but it ups my odds), and stayed awake for a half hour before attempting a WILD. I closed my eyes and repeated to myself, “I’m dreaming,” and really made an effort to maintain my awareness while looking at the blackness of the backs of my eyelids. A scene started to form after 3-4 mins but it was vague and came and went. I kept repeating my mantra and tried to stay calm which was challenging as I was pretty excited to be seeing images. I stayed with it and the scene became more vivid. At first I was just watching images from a first person perspective but after sbout a minute the dream fully formed and I was in my dream body. The dream was crystal clear with lots of color. I remembered my goals of asking dream characters questions but they didn’t respond. I woke after about 4-5 mins. I tried again a few more times but felt too energized. I did eventually fall asleep again and had a few non lucid dreams. I should note that I didn’t have any signs of sleep paralysis, noises etc, that people often report when using this technique. I’ll keep working on this and report back.

Congratulations on your first success with WILD :happy: