"Fit" while entering dream state.

Hi. I just wanted to ask you about this thing I’ve had couple of nights now.

I go to sleep, and I start to empty my mind, and then I start to imagine things (not consiously, but they just come) and I see images. I see these images for a while and then I see a image where I fall from chain and I get somekind of fit (I just twiggle once, but I can’t control my body at all) and then I’m absolutely aware and I can’t sleep for a while.

What is this? It’s not a problem to me (it has happened just three times in my life), but I need to know what it would be.

And btw, I’m Finnish and I wan’t to learn to write English fluently, so if I have made some mistakes in my spelling (or in something else) can you tell me about that? :smile:

I believe what your describing is HI. Yeah, you’ll jolt back awake everynow and then. I forget what the full explanation is, but it has something to do the fact that your brain interprets it as a trip. So you’re kind of bracing yourself to fall, until you realize your in bed.

It gets really annoying when your drifting off in school and suddenly you just spaz. :tongue:

I think this is something that everything experiences as they fall to sleep, its just that usually we aren’t concious when it happens. If you ever watch someone go to sleep you’ll see they have a small jerk as they’re falling to sleep.