FLD a good sign?

Had myself a false lucid dream the other day, or at least what I think to be one.
I was walking around with a companion doing a few of the things that Iv’e wanted to do while lucid, flying as well as what I call " Hulk jumping ". I can remember stating in my mind that this was a false lucid dream while I was in it but nothing actually came of it. after that the dream started to take a less structured approach and started to feel more like one of my normal dreams. Anyone know if this is a good sign? Am I getting closer to achieving lucidity? As well is there any particular reason that I didn’t become lucid whilst thinking that I was in a FLD? Kind of frustrating but hopefully a promising sign.

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That’s always a GREAT sign. We’ve often had the debate on rather its a FLD or a low -level awareness LD? When I first started LDing I had 3 or 4 of what seemed like FLD. I would mention LDing to DCs and how I wanted to become lucid while I was dreaming. Some advanced lucid dreamers in this forum mentioned to me that I might be actually having low-level LDs. Anytime your questioning, or thinking about lucidity in a dream, it always a sign your getting closer. It is frustration but its a good problem to have in the dream world. :wiske: I eventually started to learn different techniques. WBTB and WILD worked for me.

Good Luck on your journey.

It all comes down to questioning the state you are in at the moment when you find yourself questioning it. That all starts with RC’s and the way you are doing them.

If you do a RC and simply confirm yourself that you are not in a dream or that you are in a dream and not questioning that state further then you might just get the results you got. You usually get that you acknowledge the state that you are in but nothing comes out of it because it in your habit to just get onwards with what you were doing whether you were in lucid dream or in waking life, the result is the same…

So doing change in how you do RC’s might help you with this…

Thanks for the reply Shy. I’m happy to hear that this is a sign of progress. The dream I am referring to happened in the midst of a motivational dry-spell of mine so I’m hoping I can use it to boost my motivation over the next few weeks.
Also I plan on using a mix of MILD and DEILD to achieve and prolong my lucidity in dreams.


Okay so besides my normal questions like, am I dreaming and how did I get here, so on and so forth. What should I be asking myself to question the state further?
In my state checks I often attempt to imagine that my body is actually laying in bed and that all of what I am seeing is just in my head. Then I usually ask myself how I got to this point and what I am here to do. Once I can come up with logical answers I will attempt to pull my right thumb off of my hand. If that doesn’t work I conclude that I am not dreaming and go about my day until I remember to do another state check. Thanks for the reply by the way :happy:

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Well it seems that you do RCs as you should but what I meant was when people don’t do them well, like: Am I dreaming? No… Is this a Dream? No. Should I be seeing this beetle car flying over me and seeing a baby falling out?! Well yes, it’s that kind of a day…(this last one was actually from one of my dreams). Not questioning reality further from one point of confirming whether it’s a dream or not, that’s what I meant.

The same is going if you do confirm that you are actually in a dream because you can loose lucidity easily if you don’t remind yourself constantly that you are in a dream, of course once you become more experienced you will “just know” that you are in a dream for a fact and it will not slip from your mind so easily…

Lmao that’s awesome :happy:

I’m glad to know that the state checks that I manage to do are proper, even if I know I don’t do enough of them. I must just have a little further to go before I achieve my long awaited lucidity. Thanks again for your time dB.

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