floating orbs

i was reading a book last night (really trippy, but really good, i’d recommend it if you’re open to having your mind bent and twisted, it’s called The Pleiadian Agenda by barbara hand clow)

anyway, it was talking about how the author was a child and used to be able to see plays of light off things until someone told her they weren’t really there and she lost her ability to see it. i didn’t experience exactly this as a child, but it reminded me when i was between the ages of 4-6. i would often see orbs of floating light, and i would chase them and try to catch them, but my hand would go through them of course and then they’d disappear through a wall or something of the like

i was playing with my friend one day when i saw one of these things, and i went and chased it and i noticed him chasing it along with me, trying to cup it like a butterfly like me. it disappeared through a wall, and i looked at him somewhat surprised and said “you saw it too?” and he was like “yeah” i had always thought i was making them up

i don’t see any floating orbs anymore, but i wonder what they were or if anybody else has experienced this as a child, or perhaps you never lost your ability and can still see them

Admitidly, I scoffed at this thread until near the end of the third paragraph :wink:.

I have no idea what they could be. But I’m sure you’re going to get a number of different replies :tongue:.

hmm as a young child i used to see glows around peole and trees but as i got older the glow dissapeared. one day i woke up and noticed that it wasnt there anymore and that actually made me sad when i couldnt see it. I have only seen the light glow balls a few times and each time that i have seen it my twin has been with me and has seen it also we never did chase it tho lol. I thnk they call them… psi balls or somthing. the mind is an amzing thing and too many ppl shut so much out

I have seen orbs in dreams recently and when I’ve OBE. There are small orbs, big orbs, giant orbs. I have no idea what they are, but they seem sentinate. I never thought or read about orbs before I began to see them in altered states like dreaming. I can find some of my experiances and post them if you’d like.

that would be heaps good :smile:

Interesting thread… I saw orbs and energy myself when I was younger. And it hasn’t disappeared. Well I thought it did disappear one time until my grandpa’s death. I saw him again… and I started to see orbs, energies, etc. again. I knew that something wasn’t right (I thought I was insane).

So, to today I still see them, but I’m used to them.

I think earth are taught to surpress what doesn’t “exist”; therefore, they don’t see them. What do you think?

Here’s a dream I dug up from May last year:

[i]Ghost Orbs

This dream started with me standing in a living room next to the staircase. I am with a group of people and 5 little white spheres come towards me. They look like little whit puffs of circular smoke. I feel these are ghost or spirits. I’m not sure but I’m alarmed. At this point I was reading something off the Fishbowl forum that Toko-Pa had written to me. She wrote: Don’t worry about the ghost. You are much more powerful, because you are alive and ghosts don’t have the strength of the living.[/i]

At this point I wake up and feel very confused, and wary. I still can see the orbs lightly in the corner of my eye.

Not all my orb dreams and experiance were negative. Some were calming, gentle, and loving. Some were funny.

hmm… i wonder how to go about reawakening that ability