Flying All The Time

I’ve noticed that most of my dreams now, even the ones where I’m not lucid, I will fly. It’s like it’s a normal mode of transportation in my dreams now. How about you guys? Do you find that once you became proficient at flying you rarely walk anymore in your dreams? Even the non lucid ones?

If you can’t fly in WL, maybe the non lucid ones should be considered FLDs, that’s how I categorize mine.

Still, we may have superpowers in NLDs.

Flying was my primary goal, so every time I’m lucid dreaming, I fly.
But when I only want to get somwhere, I just walk.

I’ve had several lds but actually never been able to fly :neutral:
When I’m dreaming I really just run in the speed of sound (in both lds and nds) when I’m trying to go somewhere. It’s pretty weird because it comes so naturally. I also noticed that when I walk, it’s more of a hoovering above ground.

I think it was in 2009 primarily, but around that time I would fly in at least half of all my dreams (and I’d remember about 4 per night). Even in non-lucid ones I’d fly around all the time. And it was usually one of the first things I’d do after becoming lucid.

Not anymore, though. There’s still some random flying around in my normal dreams. And when it happens it’s usually on instinct and I’ll think nothing of it, as if I’ve always been able to do it. But it doesn’t happen as often anymore. Still, I’m a very good flyer, whether I’m lucid or not.

Flying usually gives one a sense of freedom and exhilaration. It just feels really good (to me at least). So that’s a possible reason why you’d do it so much in your normal dreams. It may pass.

Same here. I fly in almost every LD… It’s great!

Hmm… it kind of depends on my LD. I use flying more for recreation than I do for transportation. Every now and then I just feel the urge and take off. As far as getting somewhere, I love exploring my surroundings so I usually walk and take things a bit slower.

I fly all the time also…

Ive been trying to TELEPORT now, but havent succeded… Has anyone tryied it? Or has any tips?

When teleporting the trick is that you should think mentally about your body not physically! I mean that’s with everything in dreams but with this even more.

So when you decide to teleport firstly try short distances. Find a building or a tree or something else and imagine yourself there. At a building for example. But when thinking don’t think about the distance you should cross, think just about the building and the about way you want get there… And give it a time.

I found that sometimes is easier to teleport yourself if you think you have a device which will teleport you. I sometimes use my cellphone…

Well, ive been having problems popping anything on dreams… So should be hard to create such device… I will try this teleport techniques! Thank you

It’s not necessary to create. I usually find cellphone already with me. So reach in your pockets and see if there is something. Or if you see a rock on the street and if you believe that will teleport you, then it will! The power of the mind! :grin:

Totally makes sense! Thank you dB_FTS… Gonna try it!