Flying and Sound...

Ok, you guessed it. How do you fly in an LD? I have had 5 LDs (3 this week with a mixture of techniques I have been doing) and struggled on flying. I just can’t seem to do it :cry:

Another thing. How do I hear sounds in a LD? I don’t hear things the way I do in real life. If someone is talking to me in my LD (ND as well) it is like I know what they are saying and it is in my head already (Well it is in a literally sense).


Dunno about the sound, but I’ve heard enough stories to help you with the flying issue.

It’s all a matter of convincing yourself you can do it. With time, you’ll be able to do it with more ease, as you’ll be experienced. Anyway, a good solution is to use another method. Summon wings, a jetpack, or whatever! Have you ever tried the Lucid Pill method? Make a pill appear, and make it be a pill that will give you the power to fly. Swallow it, and you’ll probably be flying around :happy:

Some people have trouble with flying or with the “honey effect”, but try using these and you’ll probably be okay :happy:

I don’t know how to explain your first question (worked first time for me), but generally in LDs, you talk telepathically. It saves your mind a whole chunk of having to move lips that don’t even exist :razz:
I’m sure, with enough lucidity, you could focus on your hearing and make it sound like reality. Or even more ‘real’ than that, even :wink:

I’ve had two LD’s where I’ve attempted to fly. The first time, it didn’t work but in that dream I tried again, using a swimming approach, as if everything around me were water.
In my second LD, which was more real than my first (I remember feeling wind blowing while I was on a magnificent looking bridge)… In my secong LD I was not able to fly. I tried the same approach as before but I fell and hit the ground. I lost lucidity and the dream became a blur, even though it had been so detailed while lucid. In this now, normal dream I was looking at myself flying around.
You must convince yourself that you will fly!

I also have only comunicated with people without hearing them. I did once shout though, but even though my lips moved I made no real sound. I’m not even getting background noises.

About flying, you can find many tips on how to learn to fly in LD’s in those 2 threads:
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About the sound, I was just making sure it was normal. Gonna hope to get a LD tonight to try and fly. Thanks for the info guys/gals.

Sound in my LDs is inconsistent.

Sometimes dream is quiet.

Sometimes I hear all kinds of realistic background noise (like a pick-up truck pulling up next door onto gravel driveway. Driver gets out and slams door, opens screen door, etc).

When I remember to, I try and says things aloud - like “increase lucidity”. My voice is sometimes distorted, but then it sounds normal. I believe I have conversations with DCs - haven’t noticed it being by dream telepathy.

I disagree. In one LD I was forced to try and talk telepathically, because I literally had no voice in that dream, and it didn’t work. I just felt like I was thinking very loudly to myself, which is what would happen in real life if I tried the same thing.

Plus, I don’t much like the idea of people reading my mind. It bothers me. In most of my LDs, I talk to people normally and they answer me back.

With the flying, just keep trying. The easiest way, I find, is just to do it without thinking about it. Maybe a run up or a small jump will help get you started. If you don’t succeed, however, don’t worry about it. I think flying in dreams is a little overrated - there are plenty of other things you can do as well!

The “honey effect?” Would that be a situation where one is flying as if through honey, by any chance?

That happened on my .5 of a LD - I very slowly gained height and forward motion at about 30 degrees, but then fell backwards as well as down, at about 20 degrees.


Try giving yourself a suit with wings on it or maybe a jetpack. External flight sources help.

Or you could try to use a certain trick to help you… Instead of making yourself go up make everything else go down (this was mentioned by sombody else in another forum seems like it would work though) or jump off something tall and imagine something pulling you upwards…

Any method works when it comes to flying… You can swim in the air, use superman style or find your own style. The trick is to be confident and know that you can do it. Having doubts in your mind will sadly work against you, so you really need to convince yourself that you can easily do it.

I hear sounds in my dreams exactly like in waking life and this is the case for both lucid dreams and normal dreams. I am always suprised how vivid my hearing is. I can for example hear the raindrops if it is raining, hear my own footsteps or the birds in the background. I have never really communicated using telepathy other than one experiment i tried in an LD, so i was suprised when i heard that alot of other people actually communicate without actually hearing a voice or using words to speak. The only thing that dosent feel like waking life in my LDs are pain… This is probably because i dont want to feel any, as i have felt pain during normal dreams.

I discovered a new flying technique the other day which I think works really well.

You jump up into the air (Either from an object to give you more height, or off the ground) then when you are about to hit the ground, slam your feet as hard as you can into the ground (this will not hurt as it is a dream). You should get thrown into the air as if you jumped on something really bouncy. When you’re in the air, will yourself to keep flying.

I think the sound thing depends on the dream.

I have had dreams where people just refuse to talk, but its more than just a sound thing - it’s very obvious that they aren’t real people because they act like zombies, not really alive. It’s hard to describe… it’s like they don’t have any free will and they are just waiting for my instructions. :confused: But in other dreams people act more realistically and I can have proper conversations with them.

My theory is that becoming lucid forces you to focus a lot on one dream character (yourself) which can cause the other dream characters to become less “alive”… although I’m not really sure how this would work… plus higher levels of lucidity seem to make dream characters more realistic… :uh:

I’m not sure about the flying. I have problems sometimes when I still doubt that I’m dreaming a bit and don’t believe I can fly. Maybe you can just take small steps and work your way up from jumping… like imagine yourself jumping like you normally would in real life, then jump that high. Then aim to jump a little bit higher and stay in the air for a bit longer and try again. Then just keep increasing the height/time until you are no longer addicted to gravity! It’s a lot easier to believe that you can improve a little bit than it is to believe you can do anything.