Flying Vs Mass Distruction

Imagine being in a city with buildings everywhere. There are tons of cars and tons of people around. You look up, and it is a sunny clear sky day. When you look back down, you see a flame thrower, bazooka, and another set of guns.

If you had one choice for your LD to continue, would you either fly high above the city and get the best view of your life, or would you go on the dark side and pick up the guns and cause mass distruction all over the city; causing cars to blow up, people to die, and buildings to fall.

If neither one of those spark your attention, what WOULD you do in a dream like this?

I’ll go first :grin: hmm…I would definatly choose flying. Only because mass distruction is fullfilled in my waking life from my video games. Flying just gives me a weird feeling…and i like it!

If I had to choose between one of those two, I’d probably choose flying. Mass Destruction is kind of boring unless it’s occuring in reality.

If I could choose something else, it would be making a certain girl appear so I could talk to her. ONLY talk.

Hmm tough one. Since I have counterstrike dreams all the time (you dont need to tell me i know its sad…) I would probably not get as much enjoyment out of taking part in the action. I would probably go superman style and fly away :grin:

Fly away and cause mass destuction from the sky…

Fly away and cause mass destuction from the sky…
Say hello to my little friend!!!

Without a doubt flying. My favorite LD activity. Well one of them anyway. :smile:

seems like flying is the dominent choice :smile:

MASSDESTRUCTION! It’s so damn cool to cause havoc

Why not just fly around and shoot people, I mean for me flying is way faster than foot. I mean you could urinate on cars from up there!

lol urinate…what if i really urinate in my bed…

I would fly, if i would not notice anything more interesting to do. I prefer to explore my LD environment, not to destroy it :tongue:

I would go and find out who left the weapons there… :grin: Not me, definitely. And then I would ask him, what he meant.
And if I wouldn’t guess to do it, I would fly with the bazooka. :grinnn:

I would do a bit of both!
But If I could only pick one I would fly,flying can be a bigger rush then killing tons of people for no reason.

I think I might do both at the same time, but somehow I would change the weapons into some kind of new weapon, never thought of.

interesting…hehe. flying wins then! i also find flying a good way of transportation, which is sort of a no brainer. like some dreams i am in crowds of people, and i just fly right over them. or like if i want to see a certain city, just fly up in the sky and picture that city while flying.

mass destruction: you are the weakest link–GOOD BYE! :razz: im hyper

It really depends on my mood. If I had a bad day i will more than likley want to vent my mood in a destructive mood. But more than likley i will choose flying simply because it is so much fun to do.