Flying/weightlessness while lucid

I am new to these forums and new to conscious dreaming. (I have yet to experience one.) I was just curious as to how exactly flying works in lucid dreams. Can you actualy “feel” yourself flying? Do you feel the velocity at which your flying at as well?

Basically it all depends on your imagination. When I fly, its like in a game or something, only you feel the movement 100%. Its an unbelieveable experience.

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I’m new too, only experienced my first real lucid dream the other day. I remember flying but I don’t remember the feeling :sad: All I remember is saying to myself “I want to fly…” So I jumped into the air and did! I can’t remember how the air felt though. Maybe next time.

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flying in LD’s is unbelievably cool :smile: Yes, you feel the velocity as well. It depends a bit on your flying technique. Sometimes the dreamair feels like i’m underwater, so its more like swimming.

thanks for welcoming me…I am really excited about lucid dreaming and these forums…I’ve been researching it for about a week now.