Foil Induced Lucidity Method (was an April Fools)

Darxide are you being sarcastic on your last post or is a real April;s fool of you all of this “FOIL” thing :bored: ? isn’t funny…

hmmm, i was about to defend him too…April Fool’s isn’t meant to be a 3 week thing you know.

Heh,the idea was just fine -bright, humorous and harmless.
Misleading was the fact that it has been started not exactly on Fools Day and this is what its all about.
I liked it anyways:)

Hmmm… Darxide, there is a proverb in my country: “the shortest jokes, the best jokes”. Don’t you have the same? :puh:

At the least, your joke has teached us a general principle: suggestion is better if accompanied with a ritual. Some beginners tried your technique and had very good results with it. Unless you invented a new performing technique without knowing it! You perhaps should try it, Darxide, I’m sure you’ll have incredibly long and numerous LD’s! :happy:

I’ll change the title of your topic (in order that you won’t fool new inattentive readers). :wink: I don’t lock the thread immediatly, thus your beta testers can reply and possibly kill you peacefully. :tongue:

well kragea was obviously created by darxide…

Obviously? I’m not so sure… :eh:

LOL. :cool_laugh: I don’t like the fact that it wasn’t started on April 1, but it was still hillarious. It was just weird enough to be believable. :tongue: Well done, you made people do some very strange things. I’ll have to think of something for the future… :grin:


Please tell me this, you say you are a real lucid dreamer, so on the nights that you were fooling us by saying how you got all these LD using the FILM technique, what were you really doing?

Did you really have LD but using the proven techniques on those nights?

I never tried any of this, i only just came across the thread in the last half an hour, i read it all and thought it was a load of nonsense. But from all the replies i just wish you didn’t post it as being a joke as this could really of worked for people, as a placebo.

By the way the technique of wrapping foil is very similar to something i posted a while back, i feel that when the feet do get very warm you can induce a concious OBE. Do a search for one of my posts and you will see the thread.

My experience in warm feet makes the leg sway from side to side, this can be used as a way of pressure to come out of the body.

Anyway happy dreaming amigos

I knew it would not work from the moment I read this post. However a few people did not take me seriously. Now I get to say I told you so.

I told you so

Hehehe. Oh, I might have had 5 posts or less, but I am not Darxide. In fact, I know him in real life and he got me introduced to lucid dreams, I just don’t post much, and I just recently got this account. Oh, and the whole monk/oil/wool on feet was fake too. And I really didn’t have any LD’s when I supposedly tried the foil meathod. Also, the joke probably wouldn’t have worked as well had it just happened on April fools. But hey, hopefully it had a placebo affect (and hopefully this unveiling of sorts didn’t destroy it). Oh, and this thread is the only one where we told fibs (as far as my knowledge goes anyway). Happy dreaming!

I woulda laughed more if it ended on april first. but by my watch its the 26th.

The monks mostly used meditation to reach the stage of lucidity. The foil COULD work but not in the magical way promised in here. Like in my previous post i had stated the MOST you could get out of wrapping your feet in… foil. Would be the confidence boost. that is all it could do. It gives you and your subc a fake faith in that will work. I rather however train my subc to trust itself, and know that LDing is easy. Once you can break down the mental blocks you can fly.

:smile: Well, I am glad I am not dead yet… and thanks for your proverb, Basilus!

Oddly enough, I did have more lucid dreams will stringing people along with this lie. Not as many as I said, but there really was one night were I started off with a WILD followed by 2 or 3 DILDs! I just fell asleep listening to Lost Prophets that night without using any techniques. I did some wake back to bed during this joke and that caused me to have some more lucid dreams, but the majority of them were spontaneous.

Yes, I believe that it worked for those who really believed it would. Placebo is a powerful thing! :smile:

If people had LD’s by this method because they got a boost in confidence, it wasn’t placebo after all :wink:… all methods partly provide LD’s this way!

TOLD YOU SO!!! :grin:

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There’s nothing wrong with a little healthy skepticism.

Hehe, nice one :grin:

Yeah, at first i was angry because you refused to answer about the sources. Later i probably started to believe you, but i decided to remain faithful to my “traditional” induction methods, so i didn’t bothered to check in anymore :tongue:

lol i knew it was a joke :grin: … wait a go Darxide!

:smile: Well I’m glad we’re all equally amused.

It’s now May 23 and I just found out the title of the thread changed to say it was April Fools. Well… :grrr: I’ve long since abandoned the practice and returned the tin foil to the kitchen closet, but it still gave me an LD the first night. :smile: Well, not IT, but yeah… Good on ya. :wink: I’m over here ([Hey. [how to keep yourself alert while attempting WILD])) editing my post cos this guy asks if there have been any recent revelations on inducing LD’s and I’m about to refer him to this post…) ROFL

Good times though. Ahhh, the first night I tried it I laughed out loud while slipping into bed with my aliens-can’t-read-my-mind-tonight!-feet. :cry: <-- ROFL