Foil Induced Lucidity Method (was an April Fools)

I have been buckling down to create a method that works on top of WILD / MILD to increase the chance of lucidity.

My method requires putting tin foil over both feet up to the ankles as you go to bed. Seperately wrap each foot in common tin foil and go to bed. The ancient tibetan bhuddists used a similiar method to sleep lucidly through each complete 90 minute cycle.

To be honest I haven’t tried it yet but I need you all to help test it as well.

What do you think?

Sounds like an idea, but what do you plan to accomplish with the foil?

I ahvent heard about the monks doing that where did you read about that?

anyway good luck with it, i would try it but my mom would get mad at me for wasting tin foil :smile:

Maybe because the foil creates a strange sensation, you’ll have just a bit more of your attention focussed on your body, which makes it easilier to WILD??

Could you reveal your sources, please? :eh:

I have never met something like that in any of the books I’ve read. That makes it strange but very interesting :smile:

I have read in a Norwegian article about lucid dreaming, about a technique where you tie your feet together with a scarf or similar. It is supposed to make you realize you are dreaming, either from feeling the scarf in the dream, or when you suddenly can move your feet freely! I even tried it a couple of times after reading the article, but I didn’t get a LD. It only caused me to sleep lighter.

For some reason doing math homework before I sleep seems to increase my LDing chance. :smile:

Tin foil sounds great too, but I just crumple my sheets up, or sleep in regular clothes.

oh c’mon.
by the way, siiw, i like your signature.

For some reason doing math homework before I sleep seems to increase my LDing chance. :smile:

that makes sense because monks would partake in activities that required concentration to have LDS. they would quiz and test eachother all day long on top of coordination exercises and such.

i already have foil on my feet to keep the government from seeing my toes

LOL :rofl: … exactly what i was thinking…

I tried all three last nights and was succesful with WILD my first REM of each night.

did you WILD right when you went to bed?

:cool_laugh: Yup! The tinfoil kept me conscious all the way to the REM period 85 minutes later.

Are you kidding us ??? :neutral:

C’mon, don’t leave us waiting :smile: We’re really interested in this !!! :help: :shy: :confused: :eh: :neutral: :cool_laugh: :grin: :peek: :bored: :eek:

It was april first when Darxide posted that it kept him consious…

Do you think Darxide prepared his April Fools ten days in advance? :grin:

ummmh, yes? or maybe he just thought it would be a good idea to trick people into that it works since he had already made a topic? or maybe it’s not a joke at all?


:smile: Yup, and last night I tried something really random that my naturopathic grandma suggested… It seemed to make my lucid dreams from the FILM method more intense and realistic. You’re gonna laugh but rubbing pickle juice under neath your nose seems to help. It helps you remain more conscious along with the effects from the tin foil. For all ye nay sayers, give it a try and see what you think!

Believe it or not I have been having sooo many lucid dreams from this method ever scince I finally sucked up my pride and just tried it!

For those who noticed, that’s why I have not been motivated to visit the forums much anymore, don’t think I really need em’.

I have had a 99% success rate with the FILM method and I feel confident that now that I have my grandma’s input it’s a 100% success rate every night!

But my words are babble to those who are too prideful to just give this a shot. I could care less if you don’t do it, because I will - and that’s all that matters.

For all of you who just laugh at me and are too lazy to try it, it’s your fault and proves to your disadvantage.

For those of you who are open minded, you just stumbled across the most accurate lucid dreaming technique scince the Tibetan Bhuddist’s lost methods.


wow are you kidding?? if this really does work it prob wouldn’t for me, i wouldn’t be able to fall asleep :sad: :sad:.