How did YOU learn to LD?

I have always had natural LD’s a few times every year. Not very often, but they have always come for some reason. So I can’t say I’ve really learned how to LD. I first started to pursue LD’s after I had searched for “how to manipulate your own dreams” on Google (since I wanted more LD’s although I wasn’t aware of the phenomenon and its term) when I was 13-14 and came across this site. Since then I have been trying a little with the techniques although I can’t say it has been very seriously and it hasn’t boosted my amount of LD’s very much. All in all, I can just sum up to that LD’s just come. Being aware of the phenomenon increases the possibility in having more LD’s.

Hey, your back! :smile:

Actualy, my first LD come after a month when i stoped trying to have them, and quited LD4ALL :smile: it was naturaly caused…
Dont try too much…

(all of my ld’s are some time after i stop to try and read the forums. funny…)

I started out just keeping a DJ. I’ve done this for about a month and noticed no real change in my recall. I’ve always has a pretty good recall anyway so I moved on to WILD/MILD. I’ve done this for about two months and found myself just falling asleep with WILD , and had no luck with MILD. I had one LD in almost a year trying. Out of all the things you can do in a LD the main thing I would love to do is visit a particullar place (a fictional place of course). My urge to come to this place is soo strong it alone is what keeps me trying. There is no doubt in my mind that one night I shall visit it. :smile:

I first realized that I was lucid dreaming when I was pretty young maybe 9 or 10 years old. At the time I did not know it was called lucid dreaming. It started for me when I would have dreams that felt funny or that I knew were turning bad. I would shake my leg or close my eyes really tight to wake myself up because I realized I was dreaming and wanted to make it stop before it turned into a nightmare.

I wish I knew back then that I had more control over the outcome of my dreams. :eh:

Now, as an adult, I noticed that by keeping a dream journal it helps me to not only recall my dreams and interpret them more, but also to distiguish a regular dream from a lucid dream, astral trip, or OBE experience. Writing dreams down in a journal helps you to remember dream patterns even if you may not go back and read what you wrote very often. Just writing it down in a journal helps with remembering them. I feel this is the first step to having lucid dreams.

I found lucid dreaming on the internet when I was looking up hypnosis. I use DILD. During the day, I have a list of events (Example: the next time you here music, the next time you hear the phone) to ask myself if I am dreaming, so I will ask myself when I am asleep. I also wear tinfoil on my feet at night, which I heard about on this topic:
Using this tequnique, I became lucid two days after I started trying. That night, I had 3 LDs!

I’m still learning to keep myself lucid. I actually started ld’ng before I came to this forum. I’m very fortunate that it just happens with me and I don’t have to try. Although, I can very likely improve my experience if I were to be more diligent w/practice things.

This is why I’ve finally decided to keep a dj.

I got interested in LDing and got this book called Creative Dreaming by a female author.

I had my first LD before i even completed that book.

I didn’t use any techniques besides reality checks.

Patricia Garfield, I think. Is it interesting? Is it always possible to find it?

My first LDs were back when I was about 5 years and older. Back then pretty much 100% of my dreams were nightmares, so I used LDing to my advantages. I would say to myself “Hey, I’m dreaming!” And then I could get myself to wake up at the scary part of the dream. Now though I used mainly these forums to help me LD (and this time it’s for fun :wink:).

I have yet to have my first LD, although my brother had his first one within 10 days. Although what I found interesting was that hre told me, he didn’t use any RCs or other techniques (MILD, WILD,etc.), he just simply THOUGHT about the IDEA of LDing a lot. He said it worked for him!

I don’t remember when I started LDing, but when I first got intrested in it I got a LD the exact same day. I was intrested because I was recently practicing Astral Projection. So I go on a search for an LD website and find one. I read it and tried the WILD and I fell asleep. I then was dreaming and I screamed IM LUCID DREAMING! Since then I got LD’s on and off without trying but now Im wanting to have more LDS like everynight by practicing! :happy:

I had my first LD some months ago, at this time i didn’t know about LDing, i just thought “wow this is a dream i can do whatever i want” and then i woke up. Two weeks later i found out that this was a LD, since then i’m using different techniques to get LDs.

This happened about 3-4 years ago… After about 3 days of sleep deprivation, I was laying in front of the TV trying desperately to stay awake. My eyelids were very heavy, and I was dozing off about once every 2 or 3 minutes. Fortunately the TV was loud enough to keep waking me up, and the show was interesting enough for me to want to wake up. One of the times I dozed off, I had closed my eyes willingly to give them a rest during a commercial break. Almost immediately after I closed my eyes, I felt a sensation of floating. As I looked over my surroundings, I saw a long hallway full of faces and other psychedelic-style imagery…all very colorful. I floated through a doorway and then opened my eyes…in the real world.

This was my first WILD. It lasted for about 30 seconds.

Initially, I had no idea what had happened, so I scoured the internet for a couple of days until I stumbled upon lucid dreaming. This web page was actually one of the first ones I found that helped me to figure out what was going on. From there, it was easy. WILDs just came naturally. After a couple of weeks of WILDing, the DILDs began to roll in. And now…here I am.

wleomce jasone. anyway for me it was dild induced by reading about LD’s

I took a few eeks of trying MILD and doing RCs to get my first, and then after another week or so I started having a lot.

I first discovered lucid dreaming when I was on a dream interpretation website about a year ago. I thought it sounded pretty cool so I decided to try it. In the beginning, I mainly used the MILD technique. I had 2 lucid dreams within a month or two but they were very short. My main problem was that I woke up almost instantly after realizing that I was dreaming. Disappointed with my lack of success, I decided to attempt astral projection instead. That yielded even less success! :sigh: Looking back, I think astral projection is very similar to the WILD method. But I must say, even thought I didn’t have a lucid dream with this method, the sensations and visions that accompany the hypnogogic state are really awesome! So since I wasn’t having much luck with astral projection, I went back to MILD just about a month ago and I just had a lucid dream the other night. Which, I might add, was much longer than the first ones I had. :tongue: So, MILD is definitely the method for me. :smile:

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Woo! I’m actually getting better at this ^^
I thought i would never make it, but now it feels like i’m pretty good att getting lucid (if i have the time)

I started in Febuary this year (Kinda) and i’ve been trying since then without any luck at all (almost), but then i started to actually try waking up, and then returning to sleep and i started to getting like 3 LD’s a week during the summer.

I have tried every technique i found, but i have only succeeded with MILD

MILD :razz:

I had a lot of troubles falling back to sleep, cause my younger brother wakes up at 8 o’ clock EVERY DAY xD (He’s VERY loud)

I’m using MILD when i have the time, and i just started a new school, so i don’t have very much of it, but i do my best during the weekends

I had my first LD when i had 5 years, now i tried WBTB, MILDand WILD, they dint work, but a month after i stoped trying them i had sevral natural LDs :smile:

I can finally say I learned it right here on this forum :smile: