How did YOU learn to LD?


I was curious how long it took for people before they had their first LD, and HOW they did it. Could you write down how you’ve learned to lucid dream? A kind of history. (How long, which techniques, what did you do,what problems did you have, what technique are you currenly using… etc)

It would give me (and others maybe) inspiration and motivation to go on! I could see what others have been trough, and maybe I can learn from the people that encouter the same problems I do.

@ the mods: I don’t know if there is already a topic like this, if it is, please close this one. The BIG first LD topic doesn’t cover all the efforst and the learning course, and DJ’s of people are too big so i thought it would be an interesting and inspiring (it is for me) topic

LDing depends on the person, some people spontaneously had it, others struggled for months (or more) to get a single LD.

LDing is really cool, there isn’t a limit to what you can do.

I naturally started to LD by noticing that the dream was a dream. (DILD I think) There’s way more than one way to LD.

Well my first ld was when child but it just took me more or less one week to get my first induced ld indirectly.

Well that sunday(i think it was sunday) i was doing MIlD to get a ld and just got tired and start doing WILD to have an OBE but i got what i first wanted, a ld.

Well i rarely get a ld but what i’ve learned is because of this site and just by myself.

well i’ve been struggling in the lucid path for about 3 month having only one ld per month.

WILD (the one i mostly use.)
MILD (rarely used)
WBTB ( i was using that tek but i have to do it again)

Well i have tried everything from brainwave sounds to self-hypno.

The most common problem is that i give up the tek and fall asleep only to wake up frustated.

WILD because i haven’t complete the tek til the end.

My first LD happened when I was 7. I flew through the sky and was I made things form right infront of me. of course at the age of 7 I did not really persue this type of dream further even thought it was " cool"

My first Induced LD was done with WILD/MILD. I was falling asleep while repeating a mantra to keep my mind on somthing. the WILD failed and the MILD provailed this happened a week or two after I figured out what LDing was. (somepeopel it takes hours some people it takes years for their first)

I had quite a journy with LDing. The first month I was doing ok, I was using a MILD/WILD technique where I would repeat a mantra while trying to keep conscious mind awake. This failed me dramatically. Then I used pure WILD/Autosuggestion, it worked fine for the month that followed it. i had achieved 5 in one month. that was the most for me that year. It then went south and the more and more I used it the more my recall went down and the more my motivation decreased. December. I was desperate, on the verge of giving up. I came to the forums as a last ditch effort. and someone showed me how easy it really is to LD. I had to make my Subc believe it was easy. and then many LDs would follow. I was stuck on “its so hard” but oh really its so easy! I switched to MILD and had 9 in January and 3 within the first week of Febuary. But then Finals week, and I was on some funky medication for a certain illness. My DR and my LDing has gone to nothing. However I am using the old methods so I will begin to LD frequently once again.

The Method of choice for me is MILD. VILD and WILD just does nothing but keeps me awake, ive only had it work once or twice and that was with WBTB. The most important step. Is Remembering that it is easy! train your subc to believe its easy and it will be! Tell yourself its easy, believe its easy. its only as hard as you make it.

hope that helps

ok here goes :smile:
I started with just reality checks. I also tried to WILD one afternoon, but only got strange vibrations and saw a bright white light. that got into my dreams and I began dreaming about trying to WILD and having these symptoms, but I didn’t become lucid in any of those dreams. After 1 month and 29 days, I had a lucid dream, but had nothing to do with reality checks :razz: i dreamt I was dying, then I got the WILD symptoms that I used to dream about and got out of my body and that made me lucid. However after that i started having lots of false awakening. So I started to do RCs everytime I wake up in the night.
29 days later I had a false awakening, and did a reality check and became lucid.
A little more than a week later, I used the counting method “1… 2… 3… … 400 …” and then do a reality check and that was my first WILD, which is also my third intentional LD. that method worked 3 times and then stopped working: I’d either get bored or fall asleep. However I noticed that whenever I try it, when I finally fall asleep, I get a good chance of having a DILD.
Then one morning had my first hypnagogic WILD: I saw some HI and stepped right into it.
Then I had my first hypnompopic WILD(that’s what I wake up from a dream and don’t move and have an AP like lucid dream) which I discovered by chance.
hmmm that’s basically it… although I use a lot of intention building during the day and before sleep and when i wake up in the night,… not really MILD, just saying :“in my lucid dream tonight i will do this…” and it works great. I also look at my hands searching for water bubbles :spinning:P don’t ask) and if I’m dreaming I find some on my hands. I also started RCing whenver I saw the moon, and that made me lucid a few times, although the moon wasn’t something that’d appeared in my dreams before.
I hope that helped!

Nice replies! thank you :smile:
RC’s are not so popular :o

My first lucid dream came after I saw that episode of Star Trek Voyager, where they were all in one big Lucid Dream together.
I had spontanious lucid dreams every couple months after that, but then one day at my sister’s freind’s house, I was surfing the web, bored out of my mind, when I remembered Lucid Dreaming.
I thought, “I wonder if people actually do this?” So I searched the web and found sooooooooo much information, this site, the lucidity institute, a whole bunch of stuff.
I started practising LDing then, using mainly RCs and trying MILD, without much success. I continued untill about a year ago when my busy schedule started detracting from my LDs. I was still using RCs, and a kind of auto suggestion, and I would have about 5 lucid dreams a month on average, usually they were pretty vivid or at least interesting.
Just a month or so ago I thought I should really take another try at this, but I waited, just to make sure I really wanted to do it, and here I am again, lucid dreaming.
This time I’m gonna use some different techniques, MILD, WILDs, and maybe some Dream Yoga.

I saw the exact same episode a while ago.

Heh, thought it was something made up (I was younger then).

Something I’ve been curious about: what are auto suggestions?

My first induced lucid dream took a month. It was an unintentional WILD. I learnt from this site and some others. Almost anything can be learnt from the internet.

I had my first LD after reading patricia’s garfield “Creative Dreaming” :smile: From then on I just couldn’t stop :wink:

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But Q, did you simply read about it and then LD without putting any effort in it?
Didn’t you have to try MILD and RC’s for some time before you could LD every now and then?

Autosuggestion is when you suggest to yourself to do something in the future, so that it (hopefully) enters your subconcious mind so that you’ll have a better chance of accomplishing whatever you want to do.
If I wanted to use autosuggestion to help me lucid dream, a good excample would be to write down on a piece of paper; Tonight I will have a lucid dream, and then write my signature, or repeat to myself before bed, “Tonight I will have a lucid dream,” a few times in my mind.
Be careful not to try tooooo hard, this can limit your success with autosuggestion.

Isaac, it was like a MILD technique described in the book - just relax and tell yourself you are dreaming - et voila, i was lucid that night :smile:

I have to admit, I have done lucid dreaming before, way back when I was 12, I learned to stop bad dreams. I finished that so I stopped! Once again when I was 16ish i learnt again and yet again stopped! this time I plan not to stop…

I learned to LD in this course of events;
My friend and I were discussing just weird things
Suddenly he brings up OOBE’s and says stuff about an OOBE inducer that he was trying to use.
I had no idea what an OBE was at this point, so I said… Wha?
He explained OOBE’s and I found them interesting, so I searched for people’s OOBE’s through google
In one of his OOBE’s a guy mentions Lucid Dreaming
Again I’m like… Wha?
So I search google for this and find out about LD’ing
I followed the techniques, and since I had excellent dream recall already, I started to LD almost instantly

I heard once about “astral plane” and tried without success a sort of WILD technique.
Many years later, I found in Castaneda’s books a DILD technique : you have to find your hands in a dream. I tried it and had results in 2 weeks.

I first heard about LDs in a discussion on another forum about some dream herb. I had no idea that anything like LDs existed, and luckely I was bored enough to click a link to this site.

When I saw this forum all my scepticism disappeared. There were simply too many LDers here.

So then I first started practising my dream recall (autosuggestion). I at once went from remembering 4-5 dreams each month to remembering an the equal number every night :smile: I kept a DJ and within a week (or two?) I started doing MILD. One week (or two?) later I had my first LD. It was very low level, and my recall of it was bad, but I knew I had done it!

YAY :smile:

I have always had natural LD’s a few times every year. Not very often, but they have always come for some reason. So I can’t say I’ve really learned how to LD. I first started to pursue LD’s after I had searched for “how to manipulate your own dreams” on Google (since I wanted more LD’s although I wasn’t aware of the phenomenon and its term) when I was 13-14 and came across this site. Since then I have been trying a little with the techniques although I can’t say it has been very seriously and it hasn’t boosted my amount of LD’s very much. All in all, I can just sum up to that LD’s just come. Being aware of the phenomenon increases the possibility in having more LD’s.

Hey, your back! :smile:

Actualy, my first LD come after a month when i stoped trying to have them, and quited LD4ALL :smile: it was naturaly caused…
Dont try too much…

(all of my ld’s are some time after i stop to try and read the forums. funny…)