Foil Induced Lucidity Method (was an April Fools)

You would be surprised… When this all began I had the same thoughts.

i dunno…I’m a bit of an insomniac.

Well, suit yourself then. Nobody can make you do anything.

And yet, you have not revealed from where you read about this method first…

Can you give the name of the book, or link from internet from where you read about that method?

And let’s not forget about the producer … what brand do you think the tibetans have used? :cool_laugh: :grin: :happy: :wink: :cool: :neutral: :eh: :eek: :roll: :happy: :colgate: :gni: :mrgreen_hat: :mrgreen_hat: :doublegrin: :thumbs:


This method works so great! Like I said before, I took the fact that the tibetans used to use the application of pressure during sleep to induce lucidity. I gotta run though, my dad’s being weird again. Do it if you really want magnificent results. Don’t do it if you want to spend the rest of your life wondering how it would have gone - and missing out on such great results.

I took the fact that Darxide is re-incarnation of an ancient Tibetian, because we have no other source than his word of mouth :content:

I’m gotta run too, because Sandman is waiting, so i have no time to ask third time about the source.

Sorry, but unanswered scepticism leads to sarcasm sometimes :neutral:

I think I’m willing to give it a shot.

Sorry! I was going to answer it last night, but my dad kicked me off, cuz I had to catch the sandman.

Basically I read the the Tibetan monks took an oath to sleep in this thing they tied around their legs in exchange for more lucid dreams to find “inner knowledge”. I am trying so hard to remember the book I read this in… might have been dreaming while awake. Either that or it was the book by that couple with the last name Deveraux or something like that. I can’t remember the name of the book but I know it came in a kit with lucid dream induction oils, a tape. It also had some good stuff in there about sleep paralysis and the incubus. Good book. I sure wish I could remember the name of the book… Sorry. You know the author so if you REALLY want to find out yourself, go look up Charla Deveraux (I think that’s how you spell her last name) on google.

But in my ld last night I was predator from AvP. Good stuff. LDs will never get too boring!

well lets put it this way, plesibo (sp?)

it works for you, great! Everything that has to do with our minds is more or less a plesibo. You dont ever MILD knowing that it wont work, you KNOW it will work, and thats why it does (not saying that it works every time but you get the point).

I think thats why alot of people have trouble LDing, because we live in a society now where everything is materialistic, and we have to see to believe. Faith in our society just alot of times doesnt work anymore, and that sad. Belief is your ultimate induction technique, if rapping foil around your feet makes you believe you will LD great, if not oh well, its understandable. Otherwise the second you get past the unbelief part, anything with your mind is possible (you know what i mean)

Placebo huh? Well it works! :smile: Now whether this is placebo or actually having different feelings on the feet and a particularly odd smell under my nose as I go to sleep - it works!

and thats what im talking about, you are 100% sure that this works for you, that makes it work.

and i would like to congradulate you in finding just like i did, the techniques taht give you LDs everynight, and it will only get better the day you take the foil off, and you realize how to believe without even a single tech. One of the best feelings ever.

and trust me, ridiculing is just all part of the game, they go hand in hand.

Lol, awesome, thanks R3TRO!

I don’t have to work tomorrow so I’ll try this method out – the tin foil for now at least. I don’t like to WILD on nights before I work so early.

:grin: Tyte, sounds cool. Can’t wait to hear about your success. This morning in my lucid dream I was flying through my neighborhood underneath the stary sky. It felt so realistic and everything. Can’t wait till tonight.

maybe I’ll try this…I’m just afraid ofbeing up all night…

Well, give it a shot, don’t EXPECT a lucid dream or else you will never fall asleep. Just do it.

Isn’t foil made of aluminium!
I think(heard) aluminium is very bad for the human body! It’s used in deodorants and such but i think it’s very harmfull! :content:

No, perfectly harmless… I am not , am I? :wink: