Free Lucid Induction CD "Download"

I’ve had better luck with it louder. When I’ve had a lucid and it was still playing I could hear it in the lucid dream and it assisted in keeping the lucidity going. I usually loose touch with sound sources but I noticed when I was lucid, I could hear it the dream very clearly thinking " oh yeah I need to keep this going, that’s the CD playing!"


Okay, the next night. This method has consisently produced lucid dreams. Again same situation, I played the CD at 4 AM until I woke up (looped). I had a lucid dream, (DILD)then spun myself to a new scene. During both dreams, I hear the CD reminding me “I am aware that I’m dreaming”. I’ve had lucids from this technique at least 5 out 10 times I’ve tried. I’m wondering if anyone has experienced consistant results such as I. If I had one, I would like to put this test up against a nova dreamer and compare the results.

Good tidings!

This looks VERY effective! If I had cable or even DSL I would download it… but wo is me, I have 56k syndrome.

I am going to once again pressure my dad into getting cable internet, but he probably won’t because he’s already paying $400 a month to keep my brother on his mission.

Anywho, if he could build me a 5 minute wrist-shock device and get cable internet, I would combine the following.

  1. My FILM method 99.9% success rate
  2. Wrist schock techinque ? % success rate
  3. Lucid Dreaming MP3 50 % success rate?

Anyways, just think. If you were consistently to do ALL of the above methods, you WOULD have lucid dreams every REM period of EVERY night. Now when I say Lucid Dreaming MP3, I mean WBTB like Phoenali said also.

got a link to that film method?

Finally had a chance to use it in the morning.I put it on quite high volume and went back to sleep.
I was at internet cafe and stood by the funny looking guy.He was about to ask me something but instead he said to the microphone in front of him,very clearly and loudly “THIS IS LUCID DREAM,I KNOW IM IN A DREAM”
Stupid me thought he must be recording his own cd and wanted to tell him i allready have one and i could give it to him,but some other person asked me something about computers and i forgot about him.
This dream led me to two opinions
1.This is very neat,and still working soundfile hopeless:)

Yes in fact I do have a link to my FILM method…

Here ya’ go: [url]Foil Induced Lucidity Method (was an April Fools)]

lol interesting to say the least :razz: nice idea but i dont think that i could stand something like that i mean it would itch and stuff wouldnt it? and i cant really stand the feeling of foil as is for some reason it really pisses me off, something to do with a fever and that is a really long stroy :razz:

well i have download the file and still ahvent listened to it yet… i wonder if it is anything like the hemi synic files… anywayz i will post when i have used it as see how it goes i havent really been trying at all with LD… if this works i will be pretty happy lol

I was dead last nigth so the last thing I was thinking is that this was going to work for me. About 15 mins into it I had a WILD, this seems to be a nice way to get there : )

So it also ressurects people!Phonelai,copyright it!:slight_smile:

anyone have this one without the voice?

tried it last night didnt work.its hard to get to sleep with it on so i had to turn the volume on low and i didnt hear it when i was dreaming :sad: but tonight im goin to sleep ill get my parent to turn it up then and hopefully tonight will work.seems good tho

so i see that some of you wake up in the morning and start playing this until the next time you wake up, but how do you wake up so early? do you set an alarm, or just work it out in your head to have you wake up at a certain time? And my next question is, can you just play it from yoiu go to sleep at night looped until you wake up in the morning? And if so, can anyone help me out with headphones in my sleep? I always seem to pull them off while i am asleep to wake up with them next to me in the morning.

It’s called WBTB technique. Basically, you need to wake up for like 2-3 hours earlier than you usually do, because in the morning your REM periods become longer and you have more dreams. So this is the best time for WILD or any other LD technique. Now how do you wake up, usually by alarm. But some ppl seem to have a natural ability to wake up at a given time (lucky ones :tongue: ). Anyways, you can use alarm.
Yes I guess you could play it in the evening when you go to bed, but then your body wants to fall deep asleep, you have longer periods of deep sleep than REM. That’s why perhaps it’s more effective in the morning.
And headphones… I have similar problem. But maybe thats another reason why you should play this in WBTB… good luck :ok:

thanks. I’ll try that tonight. I actually found some headphones laying around that wrap around your ears and tried looping it all night starting when i first layed down to sleep, but they weren’t very comfortable headphones, and i had a horrible time sleeping. So, this seems like a much better method that you say.

Headphones aren’t required for this, are they? Could I just play this on a speaker sitting next to my bed? I always yank headphones off of my ears in my sleep.

I plan to test this file in full tonight!

I have fancy logitech speakers, so I use my control unit to shut down all the sound to all the speakers but the front one. Then I put it at the head of my bed and play CurseLucidDreaming2.mp3 as it’s the only thing that conks me out right away. I have a series of alarms rigged up. One at 4:30, to wake me up for WBTB then one at 8:00 to wake me up for classes. They all revolve around winamp.

Here is a photo:

There is an hour till I go to bed. Any suggestions for completeness?

If i say “Relax!” will you know what i mean?:slight_smile:

Sure. Why wouldn’t I? :neutral:

Pardon my enthusiasm. I just saw that it worked for so many people so I got a bit excited and thought I’d give it a try. I blew it though, as my 4:30 alarm didn’t go off.

I was very excited from reading the previous success stories so I tried the mp3 out. Loaded it on my iPod-mini and set to repeat. I also used by half-busted NovaDreamer on top of that. Sometime during the night I got restless and pulled all the gear off. I didn’t end up having a LD, but I had exactly the dream I had prepared before I went to sleep. The dream was rather personal, but it had 2 different locations I intended and a loose plot. I concider this somewhat of a success. I am going to try tonight and hopefully not pull the headphones off this time.

:happy: phoenelai, Thanks You are awsome. I almost had an AP while listening to this. This is fantastic, it is really helping me!!!