follow @LD4all on twitter!

yup, that’s right, LD4all is on twitter!

follow @LD4all :smile:

Aiming for 1000 followers at the end of this month, let’s see if we can make that happen :grin:

Good luck with this goal :grin: and long live ld4all :cheer:

I’m following LD4All on facebook, as I don’t have twitter. Still, good luck on getting 1k followers :happy:

I’ve been following @LD4all for quite some time now. Good luck with getting to 1000! :happy:

Currently: 473 followers

Still to go: 527

Will you be one of them? :peek:


518 to go

Did I mention you get free cookies* when you follow @LD4all?

*Free cookies offer only valid in dreamworld

Not that I use the twitter I made for an assignment but it’ll be following :razz:

/me noms oreo smoothie instead of cookie and gives one to the Lady

I am now following you. My handle is @Pirhuahua

great, TheKing! now let others follow your example :grin:


514 to go!

adjusting the goal…

Let’s have at least 500 followers end of this month, and 1000 end of the year!

Made a Twitter account just for this… mind you, I’m Rhawin because someone already had Rhewin grmbl.


come on folks :smile:


506 to go :happy:

spread the word, follow LD4all so you are never lost without your addiction!

(hmm that catchphrase needs some work :tongue: )

500 followers :boogie:

500 to go! :happy:


come on, let’s reach 1000 before 2012!



462 to go!.

I know you want to follow @LD4all, even if you don’t have twitter :tongue:

sure i want to, i just don’t know how to use twitter :lol: lol

hmm, how have i missed this for so long. ‘makes a mental note to follow when he gets home’

I don’t have a twitter, but would very much like to be connected with LD4all. Facebook page, maybe? :happy:

That does exist :yes:


444 to go :smile: