Food in lucidity...

So I am reading a book and randimly one of the main characters can lucid dream. Well he is saying that he turned his gameboy into a hotdog and then ate it and his favorite thing to do is fly. He discribes how lucid food is like nothing we ever tasted. Is it really good? Whats it like? Any experiences with it? Well that and flying are my goals to do in my next one. Please reply thank you!

Most of the time my sense of taste is rather weak (or not there at all!). I only remember once where I ate this cake. I can’t remember the taste right now, but I do remember it was unbelievable! In that same LD I also drank water and it was the most fresh and pure water I’ve ever tasted :smile: I could drink it forever!

The first time I remember eating when lucid was when I went on a 3 day fast.

On the third day I was super hungry and fell asleep. I became lucid when I noticed
Whole Oven-Baked-Honey-Glazed-BBQ-Chickens flying in the sky right beside a flock of Cheese Cake Slices!
I flew into the air and grabbed one of those chickens. I munched away. It tasted so good. I didn’t want to wake up. but I did and right away ran to the kitchen and attacked the insides of the fridge!

Another time I was on top of a roof and found a pack of Mint Gum. So I opened up a slice and popped it in my mouth. It was super tasty sweet and powerfully minty. At that time it was actually a Lucid Project to discover tasting food in an Lucid dream.

Now, I am attracted to this topic because I am on a detox called The Master Cleanse and I have not eaten for 6 days. I can’t get my mind off of how good food is. I have so many ideas of recipes that I want to make… I have been dreaming of food. but it is strange how I crave extra Sweet-Apple- Cinnamon Crumb Cake, yet dream of devouring bowls of Oatmeal and Banana sandwiches! :tongue:

though I have not gotten lucid these past 6 days, but when I do, I will not hold back!

I’ve eaten some stuff in dreams (no lucid). Mostly chocolate, 3 times :happy: Hard to say if its better or the same as irl, but at least its not worse. Not sure if it tastes different in lucid dreams.

thanks everyone!!

So it seems like lucid food is good. Ill try it real soon. Thanks!!!

One of my goals was to taste food in a LD. In the LD there was a wall of desserts and I tasted a chocolate covered fruit that was AMAZING, I could almost feel how my brain translated taste. I also tasted a strawberry milkshake that was out of this world, and a few other yummy treats. The account is in my dream journal. On page 3 title: Wall of Desserts…Yummy , if your interested in reading about it in more detail. :content:

I had a dream a few nights back where I ate some oreos and it gave me laser vision, tasted good too. For some reason most of the food I eat in dreams seems to be abnormally heavy, like I’m eating lead.

I ate so much chocolate in a LD tonight :happy: Still hard to say if it was better then IRL i also drank cola :smile:

I tried to eat in a lucid dream once. I was in a kitchen with an LD4all cake and lots of food, i was actually moving to take a bite of food when my dad woke me up :sad:

I think lucid food is as good as you make you. I guess one can transform one’s enemies into hot dogs and eat them up in lucid dreams. In the dream world, anything is possible. You can imagine a table laden with delicious food appear before you; and you bet it will taste good.

Heehee, I was just trying to explain to my brother about taste in dreams - it’s all in your head and can be controlled either by your subconscious or conscious. You can eat anything and have it conform to your expectations, but it’s a difficult experience to put down in words.

I once summoned a banquet table holding dozens of pies. They were full of flavor, but weren’t quite the same as real life. As I ate them, I kept thinking There’s no way I’ll still be hungry when I wake up, this pie is just too filling and delicious. Unfortunately, I woke up with a huge craving for real pie.
And now I’m getting hungry just reading all these posts.

Ok so, my friend told me a while back that the first time she went lucid she was at an amusement park. While she was lucid, she made a popcorn machine appear and she ate some of the popcorn. She then told me that it tasted as real as real life popcorn, maybe even better. I was wondering if this is true, you can really taste the food in your dreams? Honestly she could be making that up so I would prefer to ask you guys. I don’t recall ever eating anything in my dreams and have never been lucid, so that’s why I’m asking haha. I hope it’s true! :grin:

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Yes, it is:

oh my god, yes! your brain cannot tell the difference. during one lucid dream I found some ice cream and started eating from the bottomless carton…mmmm… also I found weed (of course the weed came before the ice cream) and was loving it because I could smoke as much as I wanted and never run out! and I felt 100% high, I could not tell any difference between a LD high and RL high.

Pretty much any experience you can have in RL you can also have in a dream. So far the only thing that seems to be a little off to me is smell.

I ate plenty of things in dreams, and their taste can range everywhere from nonexistant to absolutely delicious and better-than-the-real-thing ^^ But most of the time (in ND’s, at least) food tasted just pretty good. :colgate:

Same kind of experience here.

My own experience isn’t that extensive, but I have a few memories. One time I was eating the walls in a place not unlike my grandmother’s house, and it was light and sugary, but a bit on the weak side. In a lucid dream.

I think I can recall being in a normal dream where I was eating something…some sort of dream-dish, very hearty yet exotic, and it was immensely flavorful. I don’t think I ever had anything quite like it in real life.

Aside from that, I can’t really remember much else.

Lucid food is amazing. I ate some salt and vinegar chips in one of my lucid dreams, and it was amazingly good. It was like eating the perfect chip everytime.

It does seem like everything you eat has such strong and delightful taste.

I have had very different experiences with eating. It can sometimes taste good, but most often it tastes like thin air. Drinking something in dreams is something different, i have had the most amazing fruit juice and cider. I am still looking for the “perfect orange juice” i had in a dream many years ago!

On the other hand, sunlight tasted very sweet and spicy, like strong ginger tea with a lot of honey. Glass tasted a little salty and a little sweet, and a circle i drew in the air tasted like cotton candy.