Food, or drinks that prevent dreaming

Hello, i was wondering,

i see vitamin B6 and food like cheese,milk and other diary produkts are popular to increase dreaming.

but i wonder if there is food that decrease dreaming,
So, are there food or drinks that actually prevent dreaming?

if so maybe its possible to prevent eating some kind of food that decrease dreaming.

its nice to know what is increasing dreaming but would bether to know if there is anything that decrease.


I believe large meals might prevent you from dreaming, but only by unfocusing you. Besides that, I don’t think there is any chemical that prevents dreaming (IE alters your sleep cycles) beside sedatives such as alcohol and sleeping pills.

I agree with Twilight…
How about the temperature of the food that you eat?
Does that matter? :happy:

Ive noticed that soda makes you wake several times during the night :sad: because of the need to go to toilet every half hour.

You can never ‘prevent’ dreaming. The only way is to not sleep.
You always have dreams, wether you remember them or not is something totally different.

I read somewhere that there’s a very big chance you’ll get a nightmare if you eat a large meal and go to sleep within an hour. If you want to prevent nightmares, you may want to wait longer with sleeping after dinner. Or just eat less.

Not if you have a strong mind, Ive been eating much and sleeping right after many times, no nightmare :tongue:

Well, lucky you and your mind then. I tried it a few times and I actually did get some nasty nightmares. : /

Alcohols the easy one here, but ive found that with enough time it will not effect you (that is you let your liver actually filter it out properly by spacing drinks) in my microsleeps thread i experienced it after a nice of drinking with friends and given enough time it will barely affect you.

Moral is, drinking is fine, just give yourself a buffer between it and bed and you should be alright bar getting up to go to the toilet.

thats kinda funny, as when ever i drink i have reeaaaaly vivid dreams. (as long as i’m on my own and in my own bed).

Too much isnt good for awareness :no:
just my 2 cents (for now )

Ah, that’s just not true in my case. I’ve been eating my main meal in the evening for a long time now (at least 1.5 years) and I don’t remember having a nightmare in ages.

Mabye because you think it will happen…
Anyways,a nightmare is an increased chance to get a LD,even tho i’d rather have a ND.
What if we start an experiment?
Like…WBTB with meals…Food and sleep…my favourite two things :tongue:

Does anyone know whether or not sleeping pills prevent you from dreaming?

Caffeine makes it hard to go to sleep, so I’d assume it wouldn’t be beneficial to LDing. I don’t know for sure, though; I can’t induce my own lucid dreams yet anyways.

Sleeping pills are poison. They command your body to fall asleep but they can not command your mind to fall asleep. So your body falls first asleep and the mind stays awake which can lead to no rest at all. I guess you could enter the dream conciously if you take a sleeping pill… I dunno - never tried it though :shy:

Since sleeping pills make you more sleepy, one thing is for sure: you take a longer time to awaken, and that means you recall less dreams. There may be side effects regarding REM phases, but this one is for sure.

yeah, don’t take sleeping pills! if you’re having trouble sleeping, there are better ways to go about it!

Everyone is different, awhile ago I had to take sleeping pills, and I found I dropped like a rock, and the dreams were so incredibly vivid that I woke feeling spacey and groggy. A freind of mine says it’s your body catching up on long lost sleep? They balanced out after awhile:)

well ,i don’t have dreams if i smoke weed before going to bed… but it’s maybe individual.