Food Posion

Just this Monday, I had hot wings and clam chowder.(my favorite combo) I ate this before i went to bed. I had dreams the whole night, of me drinking water or how bad i needed water. Every dream had the same sequence of running to the refigerator and drinking lots of water. I thought it was kinda of funny to myself, untill i figured i was dehydrated. That wasnt the probelm, b/c once i woke up i was puking my brains out! When i went back to sleep, i started to dream about water again, and i woke up again and puked :…: . This was the worst experince one could ever feel. The reason why i brought this topic up, b/c i thought it was cool, that my dreams were trying to give me a message, of how thristy i was and how the dreams expressed that point. But i am really upset that my favorite resturaunt has let me down, to posion! :grrr:

I know the feeling, a few months ago I got sick when I ordered delivery from a Chinese restaurant.
Unfortunately I only rented my food.
I kept on dreaming my stoach was getting
bigger and bigger and bigger
Until I thought my stomach was going to explode!

Eek, food poisoning is not fun.

My friend Sean had a dream that tried to send him a message as well…

His shoes were old, and worn, and cutting holes into the backs of his feet so that they bled, and they were pretty painful to walk in. He continued to wear them. Then one night, he dreamed of going to get new shoes, trying them on, and finally purchasing a pair of white adidas runners with blue stripes. His body was crying out for help because he needed new shoes, they were tearing up his feet, dangit! Of course, then he had to spend an entire day running from mall to mall, trying to find his “dream shoes”. :grin:

LoL…very funny.

Dreams must mean something because I have had similiar experience. Let me copy and paste one of my dream entries. Please excuse my lousy English.

I’m at school, talking with my teachers. I don’t feel very well. I don’t remember very well, but I have noticed that many people are wearing light-colored clothes, especially white. Also people seem to be very, very tall and my school seems to be very crowded. It’s almost as if my vision is very distorted, it actually makes me sicker. My dream ends by talking to Mrs. Voorhies, my English 1010 teacher. She is wearing a long white robe and the mood of the atomsphere is touchy and mourning. The class is watching us talking about a very personal thing (I don’t remember what though). I don’t know why though.
Dreamer’s comment:
Sorry, I couldn’t remember everything from last night because I actually didn’t feel very well this morning as if this dream came true. I tried so hard to get ready for school because I have Sterling Scholars assembly to announce who is the winner. I was so sick that I talked to several teachers to excuse me so I could go to bathroom. Finally, sterling scholars assembly started and I was the winner of visual art. I told my mom that I need to go home because I was so sick. She didn’t want me to go so I ended up going to English 1010. Mrs. Voorhies congrated me on winning Sterling Scholars and she seems to be very happy which is unusual. The class was cheering for me. It was weird! Almost at the end of the class, I asked her if I could be excused to go to bathroom. I ended up missing my last class because I was so sick. I went home and slept for three hours. Maybe this dream was a prophetic dream? shrugs

Interesting eh? :eh: