food that would help luicd

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Oatmeal and peanutbutter works well for me. (wasn’t on the list)

orange juice is good i think…

Apple juice, Chocolate milk, and Beef jerky works good for me.
Ive also heard Peanut butter and Jelly sandwitches work :content:


CHINESE FOOD I swear on everything sacred that Chinese food (I’m Korean–but it doesn’t matter) gives me lucidity all the time! Chicken chow mein, pork fried rice, beef and vegetable stir fry, shrimp in sweet-and-sour sauce, brandy fried chicken, and orange chicken. Wash it all down with some strawberry soda and wait until you get a bit drowsy (I swear they put something in that food!). When I did it I went straight into an ld. I woke up from my ld, then when back to sleep and was back in it instantly! 2 lds in 1 night! Chinese food and strawberry soda works–but mix it up with different foods. Milk and chocolate chip cookies work for me too. There’s a lucid food out there for everyone! :happy:

Yeah! Chinese food does work (Mysteriously…)! But not everybody’s azn–so try Twix and sum Vanilla Coke (Whatever junkfood combination u can think of) and ur n da clear for a lucid dream.

Listen to Makaze–I know…

Actually, I find that chineese food interferes with both dreaming clarity and with my dream recall.

Plus it makes me feel sub-par for most of the next day.
I suspect it’s like with meds (eg. see my posts on antihistamines), everyone may respond differently.

Hmm–guess it’s just wit me n Dominic then… :neutral:

Try eating AppleJacks n cinnamon rolls then–works for me! :content:

Warm milk with honey or with (chocolate :smile: ) ovaltine.

It’s got lots of tryptophane (which the body uses to make melatonin and serotonin) and the (non-sucrose, faster, much less insulin swings) sugars in the honey/ovaltine change the blood chemistry so the tryptophan gets accross the blood-brain barrier.

Result: Better dreaming, better recall too.

At least, that’s my experience.

Aah…I guess different stuf works 4 different ppl…but I get lucid witout da food neway–mayb da food works 4 vividness er sumthin… :content:

wow that sounds quite intresting… i’m gonna try that tonight :content:

thanks benard!

One thing to note:

If you take B vitamins, take them right at bed-time, and have the warmed milk about an hour earlier.

This is so that the tryptophan gets converted to serotonin in your brain, rather than in your gut (which is the really big location for serotonin production and use – which is how it came to be called serotonin in the first place).

I’ve found that caffeine (from coca-cola at least in my experience) work REALLY well for dream recall. And if you regualarly work with lucid-techniques or try any of the other food, the caffeine could probably combine with them and give you a really clear lucid dreaming experience that you can remember :happy:

oh yeah sometimes I make green-tea with milk and honey at night and it relaxes me a lot and I sometimes remember dreams from that too…