Tell me about your food experiences in LDs? I think that would be very cool, since most people have experienced the taste of food in a normal dream, but if you were lucid you could just make any food appear, and if you were really lucid you could taste certain things very well.

Bullet-proof, all food and drinks taste great in a lucid dream, you will wonder how realistic and real taste is in lds. :wink:


Cool, I’m gonna try eating some good foods next time I have a LD :content:.

Even if its something you have never tried before e.g. caviar?
Or wil it just “taste like chicken”?

There’s an interesting idea… eat something you haven’t had IRL during an LD, and then try it IRL and see how they compare. Could be interesting. :confused:

Lol…if you dont know how it tastes…your subconsciousness will fill that one in…sometimes thats an amazing yay, and other times its yuck or you dont taste anything special…
I was once at a cookie factory in one of my lds and i tried very weird cookies lol…like gravity cookies…didnt taste like anything but lol i was pulled at the floor sudddenly…was fun…also omelet cookies with where yuck! Also lots of weird coloured cookies…some had a nice taste some didnt taste at all…didnt had any flavor…so your subconsciousness works for you…if you like that or not lol.

Dare to try :smile: be a daredevil in your dreams and lds :flower:


thats funni