I think Bananas work, maybe it’s placebo (sp?) but when I eat banana’s I seem to have better and more vivid dreams.

All I know for sure is, eating tasty turkey can make you feel really sleepy and have nice dreams. :smile: So watch out for Thanksgiving, it’s coming. :content: Soon everyone will be asleep. :grin:

really different from what you people aretalkng about, but i heard something about peanut butter helping with dreams?? Maybe.

Pistachio nuts!

128g contains 0,362g of tryptophan!

This was not discovered by me, but by the Great Fenoderee :cool_laugh:


Interested in the results of other people trying this!


Alright guys and gals. Here’s what I recommend:

Dill Pickles, cheddar cheese, and mustard on toasted bread sandwich. (an hour or so before bed, in case you have a weak stomache)

Wash down some Ginkgo Biloba/St.Johns Wort pills with warm milk with a bit of sugar just before bed.

I’ve just finished reading this topic from start to finish and it’s reminded me very much of a forum about a computer game - seems strange but bear with me. The game was half life 2 and the subject of the forum was about players suffering from nausea (motion sickness) possibly due to the fact that the graphics are quite realistic compared with previous titles. Still bearing with me? A lot of people posted certain fixes to this problem on the forum whilst some people said that these fixes didn’t work but others did and other people were simply saying that it didn’t affect them whatsoever. Anyway, someone pretty much concluded the forum post by saying that there was no point in argueing about what works and what doesn’t (and they were argueing) because certain things would work for some people but not others. A certain fix might completely cease all ill effects for one sufferring person but do absolutely nothing for another. This, I think, may apply with the suggestions in this forum (although there doesn’t seem to be any argueing here thank goodness :wink: ). Some of these might increase dream recall and maybe even lucidiy for some people but not at all for others, as briefly mentioned about smoking weed. In respects to this it may be a good idea to experiment with some of the suggestions and report back with the results but not to come to any conclusions about the results as being definite yes’s or no’s.

That said, I think there’s been some really handy suggestions in here. I’ve made a big list of things to try myself, although it’s more of the lucid inducing things and vividness enhancers I’m interested in as I don’t seem to have any problem with dream recall. I’ll also try and contribute with a couple of suggestions of my own, although they’re more techniques than things to ingest.

I’ve heard that sleeping on your right side is supposed to help (something to do with cognitive processes of the brain being enhanced in certain areas due to gravity) and also, once lucidity is achieved it can be held onto (if the dream starts to ‘fade’) by rubbing your hands together and/or spinning around in a cirlce. These movements and feelings (spinning and friction) are completely in the mind as your physical body is perfectly still and not experiencing these and so it helps the mind to strengthen the connection to the mind and divert more attention to the dream thus helping to stay in the dream for longer. Works for me.

Back to topic, cheese & banana sandwiches taste delicious (well they do to me, especielly with Red Leciester cheesee & wholemeal bread!) and since both cheese AND bananas contain lots of tryptophan (I think it is?) should help with dream recall/ vividness too … personally I’d also recommend drinking some (SOME!) Ruby cabernet/ red wine too, except I’m not very good at drinking ‘some’ so usually end up crashing out when I do this … however, this ‘technique’ - drinking red wine & crashing out for a few hours - does kinda ‘work’ for me, since AFTER I’ve gone to sleep & woken up again, I always have better/ more vivid dreams when I get BACK to sleep again (kind of wine induced ‘WBTB’, I guess? :eh: )

(You could also try grated cheese & carrot sandwiches, since I believe both these are also excellent sources of B6, as apparently are bananas …)