Fool your senses

Hey, I was wondering: Since I was little, when I’m laying down, I can “fool” my senses into making me feel like I’m at a Hammock or something, rocking sideways lightly. I can do this pretty easily, so I was wondering:
1- What exactly is this?
2- Does this help me LDing at all?

I get this too sometimes. Once, I was lying down because I wasn’t feeling good, and the feeling of being on a hammock turned into feeling like being on a roller coaster, and this, mixed with my sickness… it wasn’t pretty what happened next.

I believe this could be helpful with WILD, to keep your mind aware and let your body fall asleep. People have said that while they were attempting WILD, they felt falling sensations. This is probably the same thing. With WILD, some people experience audible hallucinations, some experience visual hallucinations, and I guess these could be called physical hallucinations (I think there is a name for this, but I can’t find it).
Good luck :grin:

I don’t know if this would work or not, but perhaps you could fool your senses into making you feel like you are floating upward, and this might help to induce an OBE.

Hmm interesting… But for now, I’ll go as far as an LD :happy: Anything that the “fooling” could do about it? I’ll try this night to WILD using it.

It think dream body feelings are called cenesthetic HH.

Rodrigo, I think this can be used in order to have WILD’s. Instead of focusing on a sentence to repeat, you can focus on these feelings. I agree with StEvE21 when he says “people have said that while they were attempting WILD, they felt falling sensations”. Some of them focus on these falling sensations or try to increase them in order to have a WILD, so you can use your rocking sensations in the same way.

Hmmm good, I’ll try it.