Football ''fans''

You all heard for those hooligans…
It’s different in America…I see people from 2 different clubs sitting together.

That’ not the case in Croatia…that’s not the case with football (or soccer, as they say in America).

This is what happened a few days ago.
In the neighbor country,Bosnia&Herzegovina (but Croatia pretty much rules the country, that’s why it sucks too :tongue:) there was a big football/soccer match between ‘‘Sarajevo’’ and ‘‘Željezničar’’.

So, ‘‘fans’’ from Sarajevo came with bats, masks, weapons and rocks.
Then there was HUGE chaos.

They damaged every house in ‘‘Široki Brijeg’’. There’s no house with normal window.No one knows who started the fight.Everyone says a different story.

Some say that there were supposed to be 150 fans from Sarajevo, and they were checked for weapons, but 500 people came carrying weapons.

Some say that the people from Široki Brijeg started the fight.Some people even say that the police did it.
The police was very unproffesional.Some policemen were just standing there, doing nothing.Some of were even helping the hooligans.

So, one hooligan was killed(by a policemen) and many were wounded.

There was a time when you could come to a football game with your family, to watch- football.

You can’t do that anymore.There’s just too much chaos.

So, what would you do? And comment.

Srajevo reminds me of Ist WW…
Well that’s not good…
You know in greece there was another case where a police officer killed a boy,i don’t really know the causes of the events,but i know it was around the christmas of 2008…Soooo…the greeks started rioting,and the riots kept coming…People were afraid to leave their houses.
I guess some people have regressed from the (formarly?)civilized state and resorted to violence in acclamaition to their favourite sports team…that’s rust retarded.
And that’s about all i ahve to say for now…I mean,what more is there to say?IT’S A DUMB THING,I believe all of us agree…

Here in Italy 90% of the male population is fond of football, and uses it as a main conversation topic. The cheering at the stadium is intense, sometimes too intense, and used to break down into fights of the opposite sides, even outside the stadium.
Two years ago was the worst season, and for some time the government actually closed all stadia where the “A series” matches were played so no supporter could watch the matches live. Now it’s a more relaxed situation, but violence in stadia still exists, and the sad thing is, it can happen even during lower rank matches :down:

Of course it can.
Those people are not there to watch football.
They are there to fight.

You must be really stupid for that.

I saw a documentary about football hooligans once… on Discovery Channel I think.

I believe, it’s something that happens when people have nothing better to do. They devote themselves to a team and start claiming that his team is the best, no matter how many times the team screws up. Because if his team is not the best, it would mean that he was wrong… and his simplistic ego can’t have that.
When someone comes along and says that another team is actually the best, the two will probably start insulting each other first. That will eventually escalate to violence. Then the buddies of both parties will join in and help. Someone might get caught up in the crossfire, his friends will then come to help him. Some might just join in for the thrill of it.
Odds are that most, if not all, of those hotheads are drunk, which only makes things worse.
The police, they’re human too(and often outnumbered). If you see a mass of people fighting, wouldn’t you hesitate at least a little before you go in?

I don’t really understand what’s so interesting about a bunch of men in shorts chasing a little ball around a large field with white lines all over it. It’s certainly not something to fight over.

Ah hell, I guess some people just have holes in their souls and need to believe in something like a favorite football team or god or aliens or fairies to fill it… or maybe it’s this “shared subconscious”(or hive mindedness or something like that :confused:) thing I’ve been hearing about.

Fact is that an individual may be intelligent but a crowd is stupid.

Of course.But you see, some of the policemen were helping the bullies.They threw rocks (along with them) on those other fans.

But I told you, most of the bullies are not there for the sport, and for cheering.
They are there to fight because they find it fun.

Souls? Brains, I’d say.


Now this is the way to cheer for your club:

…is that real?


They are really good

Must have taken a lot of practice… I wonder if it was worth it for them. Anyway, better than rampaging through streets :content:.

There was a game today…
Some of my friends went there.
It was a total chaos.

Chairs were burning, people were fighting and rolling over chairs and stairs, those fire stick-things (whatever they are called, I couldn’t find them in google translate either) were flying everywhere.

One policeman punched a kid in the nose with his bat…
So, my friends were running all the time.They were jumping over fences and hiding.
They only got to see the first 2 goals (4:1 was the result of the game), they couldn’t see the rest because of the chaos.

Football was once sport…

Just crazy people who think violence solves anything… they’re just giving in to Iblis.

Fire sticks? Do you mean flares?

Anyway. I blame over population(amongst other things). Too many people, just not enough brains to go around :content:. I have a new theory every month :grin:.

Yes, flares.
I just forgot the name.

Ah, it’s happening again.

Two of our best football clubs, Hajduk (from Split) and Dinamo (from Zagreb) played a few days ago.

It was a total mess.
The hooligans burned the chairs and made trouble.

But, as I heard (from people who have experienced it), the policemen were brutal.
They were hitting everyone.

They just rushed outside of the stadium and hit men, women, old people, children.
Everyone had bruises.

They were just running around and randomly hitting people.

Now you can’t tell what’s worse…the hooligans or the police…

they need to distribute grassy greens at these events instead of beer

for real, i read that they started doing that in one of the European countries to curb violence,

people are tools, they are energetic , they are psychology , they are souls too but they get into a habit and then if they are feeding these circuits of aggression they just won’t break out of it, and beer is something that makes it very easy to be that way , and other things like kava, Valerian, anything mellow, completely changes your wiring and causes those thoughts to not even occur ,

football is like an IQ test to see if you are working right, i suppose its fine and well to like it except in that american football is so violent that it often completely destroys the bodies of the players over time , which is absurd

but , the test is are you going to start barking like a dog ?

you can have peace and joy and love and be entertained by more trivial things , and enjoy spots too , but if you start being animal like to the point of wanting to destroy everyone and everything , that is just a waste of humanity .

i could be wrong but i know i would never choose to be around them, its just soccer dammit !
its not that exciting, its peaceful rather than exciting

you should golf clap for soccer not go nuts. i mean americans are bored by soccer, i guess they have something more violent to enjoy , but


soccer is graceful, how does soccer and violence go together ?

Not enough war in the world looks like we need it in sports arenas allso.

Well, I think soccer is just an excuse for them.
They are searching for an event where they can gather and fight…well, what’s better than a soccer match?

Damnit, they don’t even watch the game…I saw them on videos.
They don’t care for the match, all they care about is making a mess.

Football (or soccer, as you Americans call it) was supposed to be a fun game.
I always used to play football with my friends…it was really fun.

It was a SPORT.
And what is it now? Certainly not sport.

And so I stopped caring about it.
I don’t even watch it anymore, even when Croatia is playing.

Another good thing ruined by people, yay.