For all interested in learning to LD

:welcome: , glad to see that you are interested in learning to lucid dream. The best way to start off on the path to lucid dreaming is by reading the information on the main website. You can spend hours sifting through the forums to gain introductory knowledge, but it is all there in order with the reasons for each step, from dream journals to techniques on the main site, and its FREE, no book to buy or gas to spend.

After acquiring the basic knowledge from reading through it a couple of times, go to the forums and chat rooms. There is alot of helpful/interesting/inspiring information and experiences on the forums and they help in focusing your mind on LDs. You can even find information someone has posted that may be alot like your situation. And there are books on the subject that are worth reading. But, the main site is an excellent resource that should be taken advantage of by anyone interested in gaining knowledge on the basics of lucidity.
So here it is:

Good luck and happy dreaming :content:

People reading this would’ve already posted on the forum and gone on the website, I don’t get the point of this topic.

Still there are alot of questions that are answered on the main site. I think it’s good to remind people sometimes.