For those that have LDz...

im just wondering, you have all probably had sex dreams but… when you wake up does it get messy?
im just curious coz ive never had an ld

or does it have no affect to your real body?

That depends, sometime it’s messy and sometimes not. But in LDs I wake up before I even get to have sex, so then it’s not messy at all. And it does affect your real body, feelings affect your body just as much in dreams as IRL.

ok thanxs… if i get lucid i wont have sex until im in back home, lol

Some people do… others don’t.

Of coarse, it’ll be a while before you can have sex and finish it before waking up, but it is possible. It just takes practice :wink:.

Hmmmm interesting.

so far no messes, and i haven’t woke up in my attempts in a while… but everybody’s different

I always woke up from it in the middle of the action but it never got messy irl :wink: But I do feel slightly extatic sensations and tinglings in my body after a sex dream.