Force Wake...

Could anybody force( :grrr: ) themselves to wake from a sleep paralysis or a nightmare??(Cuz i dont think any1 would want 2 wake up from a sweet dream??) Personally i can, but its very, VERY difficult!! But its possible… Could anybody tell me how could i make advantage of this or even explain to me the detailed process of it??

For ur info, the will to go against nightmares is the reason i went LD for the first time… Dont know whether i should thank them or not :wink:

U might want to ask me y not i go lucid when i know im dreaming?? Its bcuz i dont hav any idea of LD at that time. And my first LD was kind of , accident… :content: Only that i called it “dream control” at time, and i was practising “breath awareness” b4 i even read about it… It was so cool when i found out that these were practiced by many other ppl…

Happy waking!!

If you dont mind ill hook myself up to your post.
If anyone knows way for just opposite please feel free to share it too(getting sp and nm:)

I once forced myself awake from sleep paralysis… this is from another topic:

I have had two expiriences of sleep paralysis over a period of two days. These two days I was very busy with schoolwork and woke up early to get it all done (awake for about 3 hours from 3 am to 6 am). Fortunately, during both the days, I still had another hour until I had to prepare for school. So, I went back to sleep. Without ever hearing of NILDs before, I managed to lucid dream both times. The first time I was excited because it was my first LD in a month or so, and only my 4th or 5th LD ever. I managed to go around and do things I wanted, but I realized I wasn’t able to remember what it was I wanted to do, so I decided to wake up. I tried very hard to move my body IRL, and I became concious instead. I was aware of my body’s posture and how I was laying there, but when I tried to move my hands and lift myself up to get out of bed, I couldn’t move. I was confounded at first, and hadn’t heard of SP before, so I just decided to wait about 5 seconds. I tried again and I was able to move easily. I thought about what had happened to me, and didn’t know the term “sleep paralysis” at the time so I couldn’t research it. But I managed to realize that my mind hadn’t allowed control of my body yet, because I was still “switching over” from dreaming. So I decided to try the same thing the next day and attempt to do a “hard un-paralysis” (can’t think of a better name), and force my body to become non-paralyzed. So, the next morning I LD again, and forced myself to wake up. Yet again in a state of paralysis, I was lying on my stomach with my hands to my sides and my arms at 90 degree angles and my head turned to the right. When I realized that I was paralyzed, I concentrated completely on pushing both my arms against the mattress, to push myself up. At first it was strange, I felt what has been called “electricity” on this forum surging through my upper body without any sort of pain. I felt as if I was expending large amounts of energy to do nothing, like a car attempting to get out of some sand and only moving the sand beneath the tires, and all of a sudden about 2 seconds after this I felt my muscles “catch”, and I pushed myself upwards, just as if the car had hit some sort of rock and propelled itself forward. This is the most accurate description I can give of this experience.

For infos about waking up yourself from a LD read this:

I don´t know about SP though,never had one.So i join Jack,i want to get nightmares and SP…


If I do MILD in the morning, I have a tedency to get SP. There you have it Jack! :smile:

SPs are great to maintain lucidity, because then you are on the limit between dreams and reality, and you can go into a dream quickly. But if you REALLY want to wake up from a SP, here’s my way: Keep your eyes open as long as possible. Just keep it open. Don’t close it, just concentrate on keeping it open all the time, and the SP will eventually wear off. But it might take time, so be patient. If you are like me, you will see your dream arm during SPs, but remember that it is not your physical arm, but your dream arm!

Hmmm… doing MILD during SP, never thought of that. Might try that in my next SP, if i remember of course. About keeping the eyes open thingy, i dont think that’s possible cuz the only thing that is awake is my mind… i cant move anything physically, eg. head, arms, legs…

Long time ago, (like im very old now, :grin: ) i’ve had a lot (i mean LOTS!!) of falling down dreams. Since i’ve experienced LD, there’s no such dreams like that anymore. If there is, that might be my most obvious dream signs ever!!..

i havent had much experience with dreams, ive only just found out about LD, and i want to explore it further…reading about all the things you can do in a dream is pretty cool, and id say doing them would be even cooler.
Ive woken myself up from a dream once…
it was a few years ago i didnt take much notice of it though
id been having the same dream about once a week, but it was a pretty scary one, and the last one i had i willed myself to wake up because it got to weird…