forgeting RC's

i have heard of RC’s and try to do them often but i keep forgetting
is there anything (notes ect) that could :help: ?

Try telling yourself you’ll RC whenever you see or do something. Some examples would be RCing every time you saw something purple, or every time you washed your hands. Make sure it’s something you do/see regularly.

I used to be lazy with reality checks, but now I have my watch ‘blip’ on every hour, and whenever I hear it, if it’s possible, I find a light switch to turn on and off, and really think about and assess my situation, to determine wether it could be an idea. When I sleep I keep keep my watch on my bedside table (well actually it’s a bedside cardboard box because I’m a student), near my head, so I might also hear the blip while I’m dreaming. It hasn’t worked yet, but I haven’t had the ‘blip’ set for long yet.