forgetting that im dreaming, its really strange

i remember last night, i did my lil technique where i repeat the words “im dreaming” while im falling asleep, and last night, i had just gotten to sleep and the strangest thing happened, i heard the words “im dreaming” repeating over and over in my dream, but i didnt know i was really dreaming, after a while i actually got mad at myself for not realizing i was dreaming when i was telling myself over and over, i got so mad that i WASNT realizing it, i woke up, its really , im kinda confused right now :neutral:

Sometimes our mind just doesn’t feel like picking up signs that smack you in the face. Just keep trying, don’t get frustrated, just say to yourself next time you wont make the same mistake :smile:

k thanks a lot

[color=darkblue]Try different phrases too.

I often find that “I’m dreaming” is a little too unspecific. Sure, it can work for a lot people, but if you’re anything like me- it can sometimes take the dreaming mind a little too long to figure it out.

I have found simply repeating “Lucid dreaming” a lot before sleep and saying to yourself in third person prose that you will have an LD tonight works.

Try and be positive.[/color]

This can also be a sign that you are getting closer to having an LD. Your awareness is moving in the correct direction, it just has a little farther to go.
It’s like infinitycascade said, your dreaming mind can be real slow sometimes. Just keep it up, and try different sentences if one just doesn’t seem to work. Lot’s of people say that Lucid dreaming doesn’t work for them. Others say it does. It depends a lot on you, but hearing the sentence in your dream does mean that it is getting into your head while you are dreaming, you just have to become a bit more aware. :grin:

awsome thanks

Just thinking about Lding not long before sleep can sometimes do wonders for me, for example when I was repeating something about waking up to try and WILD, I had a normal ld. So I find the words aren’t that important, normaly.