Forgetting the beginning of LDs

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For some reason, I can always remember my LDs, but I can hardly ever remember the point at which I realized I was dreaming. Is this normal? If not, what should I do to change it?
It’s frustrating, because it’s hard to tell which techniques actually work. :help:

I would say it is normal I can never remember why or how I become Lucid. :wink:

i always remember the moment i become lucid. It must be a matter of how good your recall is when recalling your dreams.

For me it varies. I think that at least sometimes the lucidity comes so gradually that you really can’t tell when it happened. Because it didn’t happen at once.

Not that it really matters, but I would like to be able to remember the exact point that I realize I’m dreaming. It would help a lot with determining which techniques work and which ones don’t.


I suppose there could be something to gather from it but Isn’t it easier to see what techniques you are doing and seeing if you get lucid when you do that tech?

i never remember the start of my dreams usually only the point to where i became lucid

FOr some reason I have had 2 lds in 2 weeks(yay! :slight_smile: ), AND i cant remember how either started :???:

I agree with Moogle that its a matter of dream recall.

95% of time I can remember non-lucid portion before I became lucid. In about 25% of LDs, there is no obvious reason why I became lucid. The other 75% I recognize a DS or some anomaly.