Forming a Relationship with your Subconscious

“Tonight when I am dreaming I will Realise I am Dreaming and Take control” good enough?

I have never tried this whole Insert Time technique before How many more people does this work for?

Should you say ‘I am’ or ‘I will’?

Forget what you’ve come to know as being ‘realistic’. Just smile and pretend you’re a kid again. :smile: Anything you think is real, and can happen. Kind of like ‘The Secret’<<incase you haven’t heard of it theres a documentary on it, and it’s also a book :content: >> If you say you will have a luicd dream, it will happen…unless you manage to take too much conscienceness with you and you wake up :razz:

I wrote this article four years ago, hehe. If you would’ve asked me then, I may have had a different answer, but I believe the words “I am” are far more powerful than “I will”. Wants and desires are a lot weaker than what’s actually happening. Using “will” only tells your mind that at this very moment, you cannot–but sometime in the future, you hopefully can. “Am”, however, says that not only can you do it now, but also that you always have been and will be able to do it.

I didn’t like what I wrote here as time progressed, which is why I rewrote the article. You can find the alterations here:

[url]I am a Lucid Dreamer: Commanding the Subconscious Mind]


Today I was walking home through some deserted place and had the idea to talk to my subconscious out loud. “Subconscious, obey me. I order you to inform me of when I am dreaming. You must tell me when I am dreaming.”
I knew that my relationship with my subconscious needed to be reestablished.

Bendrumming58, I have read your more recent topic. After I first read it, I was saying to myself." I AM lucid dreaming." all day, and I would write it down too and that night I was in a dream when I said to myself, “I am lucid dreaming.” and voila! :lucid:


I was very tempted at one point to sit down and write I AM DREAMING over and over again (just like in school when you forget to do something), maybe 5 pages worth, just to see if it would transfer to my dream. Unfortunately I have not yet had the time to do so. :bored:

Hey Ben !

I wonder where you get these guides from. You are awesome ! Thank you ! :content:

Now I have a question: what about asking your SC nicely to give you a LD ? Like this: “Please, tomorrow at 4 AM I will realize I’m dreaming !”

I know it doesn’t sound demanding, but that’s the point, to be “nice” with your SC and it will be nice to you :tongue:. Just a thought.

You don’t have to be “nice” to your subconscious–it doesn’t care, hah. The thing about your subconscious is that it wants to help you at any cost. In fact, every single “decision” it makes is based off of what it perceives as assisting in your well-being. So, if you tell it something using the words “I am”, it will interpret that as a part of you that’s essential, therefore crucial to your well-being.

As for where I get some of this stuff–I just do a lot of reading and happened to run into a professional hypnotherapist who had some input on the subject. I’m not certain on the validity of the things I say, but it at least works for me! :tongue:

I actually do this sometimes. I have a notebook with so many pages of lucid affirmations I have written.

Oh, and I am sure that you can find even 15 minutes in the day to do this! Especially in the morning or right before bed. :wink:
I like your school analogy. Like your ‘punishment’ for not getting lucid would be to write “I AM aware that I am dreaming Now.” 100 times! :content:

Didn’t read the whole thread but this principle can be applied to everything.
Read Creative Visualization by Shatki Gawain.

This is quite funny - you’re making this to sound like your “SC” is another person inside of you which you don’t know and has it’s own mind. Like a “master-mind” if you know “The phantom of the opera” :tongue:

Thanks a lot, by the way !

This topic is very useful I learned new things , thank you Ben for the great informations.

I’ll try this tonight. Didn’t get any LD’s or good dream recall during the weekdays, but I’m confident that I’ll get some results this weekend. :tongue:

I found this article last night and decided to give it a try. I’ve been trying MILD for a couple weeks with little luck. My mantra has been “I have vivid dreams, in which I become aware I’m dreaming.”

I decided to change it up last night after reading this article and said “In 5 hours from now I will become aware I’m dreaming.”

I had a FA in which I woke up and looked at my clock and it said 5:30 and I said to myself it worked then it ended and I woke up for real. I looked at the clock and it was only 12:30am.

So was it partly a success because I had a FA having to do with my mantra? Or did I confuse my brain?