Forming a Relationship with your Subconscious

holy reality…I myself have played around with saying commands while I fall asleep, and in my personal experience I found that my statements weren’t really taken seriously. They were probably at first…but later on when I started to doze off and I would alter the statement just because I was half asleep…that probably either made a new command, or just basically messed up the old command.

If what you were saying was true, then why wouldn’t MILD work 100% of the time?

Anyways…I’m not saying what you can and cannot do. By all means go for it…I just don’t think it will be as effective.

Robin, maybe you could explain a little more? lol your second sentence didn’t make much sense. Why could you not fall asleep? Too excited? And what statement did you use? Did you feel it was registered?

You may have to just play around with it… It could be the way you said it…it could be the time you set your command at…it could be anything. Just alter some things and see what works and what doesn’t.

does this work 100%? I’ve tried MILD more than this for sure. You may be right and I will give it a spin definitely.

this works 100% if you do it and believe correctly. But then again…so does everything else. lol. I dunno. Maybe you can do this while falling asleep. It’s just the times I have actually tried it, that was not the case. It obviously didn’t register or something. But, the night that I stopped doing that and repeated my statement before going to sleep…I got an LD. So I am fully convinced…

I would be interested in seeing how you guys go through it though… Everybody is different…so maybe you guys wouldn’t fail the way I did with the falling asleep part.

I think my statement was correctly given to my subconscious and I was ready for that part, but I can’t fall asleep because I have a little insomnia. It’s kinda weird. If it’s like that, I always don’t know when I fall asleep (some time later, while I’m thinking, or so). And that eliminates lucidity for me. I could be lucid if I could fall asleep when I want to, I think.

Oh and sorry for my terrible English. :smile:

Gah, the technique worked, but I woke up within 10 seconds of becoming lucid. Maybe I should throw in a “I will not spontaneously wake up during dreams” SC program.

you know what’s funny? I’ve been using autosuggestion before without doing it the way Bendrummin does it and have gotten a lot of LD’s! Tonight, i went to sleep saying the right statement, and when i woke up to drink water, i didn’t get a LD. When i went to sleep, i said ‘I am going to get a lucid dream now’. And it worked! Perhaps, my SC is cleverer than your’s :tongue:

I hope that you will not throw rocks at me, but i dont exacly agree with BenDrummin.

You mentioned that “Tonight” is too open term. I dont think so. If someone understoods “Tonight” time, when he sleeps at night and morning, he wont have problems. At least i am using command/mantra “Tonight i will recogenize my dream” to MILD, which is my primary LDing technique. And it works pretty well.

Second thing: Subconsus in not a computer, where you can type something and it will work. Subconsus is part of us. When we just belive that we will have a LD, there is no need for any “Subconsus Programming Language”

Oh no dont do that!
DeadDuck is stoned to death

Deadduck, when I wrote this thread, I did not write it thinking that this is the one and only way to hook up to the subconscious. I wrote it thinking about what worked for me and some people that I know. You are correct about the whole ‘tonight’ issue, and I in fact knew about it before writing this. But why did I say the things I said about it? Because it was different. Everybody has been using the word ‘tonight’ when using a MILD tech. Unlike you, many people struggle to get MILD to work (which is the same for every single tech out there). So instead of saying “keep using tonight!” which would just make people less motivated because they know it wont work… I said “don’t use tonight” in an effort to allow their subconscious to approach this ‘programming practice’ in a different way.

I am in no way forcing anybody to do exactly what I say. I am just giving out suggestions.

As for the subconscious being a computer…you took it too literal…lol. It was more of a metaphor.

All I have to say is: thanks ALOT. :smile:

Every time I’ve tried this, it works. Thanks Ben, now I can devote my time to the new problem of trying to stay lucid. :tongue:

Everytime I say “in four hours I will realize that I’m dreaming” it just sounds so empty. I can’t help it, it’s like my mind (or subconscious) doesn’t even get the meaning of it and thus it will not work (I feel that). I can’t make myself understand the meaning of the sentence (sounds crazy, but it’s like that), do you (or anybody else) have any suggestions what I can do to free my mind?

Robin, I know this sounds obvious…but just think of another statement! :razz:

Why try breaking through a locked door, when there is one right next to it that is open?

Where? :content:

I have this problem with a lot of stuff, maybe it comes from my concentration disorder. But, indeed saying “I will still know this idea tomorrow” worked. But what can I use then?

Well…a good one that was just presented to me by jepeltw would be “I will become lucid in my last REM cycle during my next sleep”. Of course it doesn’t have to be exactly like that…because that one is a bit long…lol. Just form it into something that is simple enough, yet gets the point to your SC.

Dead thread, I know, but I have to say, this sounds like an awesome idea! I’ve been using autosuggestion all wrong. I used to say “I will have a lucid dream tonight.” Lol. I suppose I haven’t been motivated much either =[. I’ll try this tonight! xD!

haha! I found this thread the other day but didn’t post because I was afraid to poke the dead :happy:

I’ve been doing autosuggestion these past nights with great results. I recommend taking a look at this thread too in case you haven’t already :content:

According to it I’ve been doing it wrong :bored:

Best of luck with it!

Ha,ha thanks! That’s really funny :tongue:.

I’m going to give this a try. My LD’s have been few and far between lately and I feel as if I just haven’t been that focused.

I know this is a rather old thread, but seeing that it has slightly re-opened a bit, I decided to post. :biggrin:

Wow, whenever I tried Autosuggestion, I’ve been doing it completely wrong. Ben, this was very informative and uplifting! Thank you so much because you just boosted my confidence. :good: And also special thanks to mattias for directing me to this lovely thread!

I am definitely going to try this, and I think I’ll start today. I’m so excited, this sounds like something that could work for me. Unfortuantely… I think I’m getting my hopes a little too high. I have trouble being 100% sure about what I’m saying. /: But I’ve got to give this a shot! Once again, I know this is an old thread but, I’ll post my results throughout the week just to put it out there. :spinning:

P.S. This should totally go in the Lucid Library!


Put this in the library too.

[Stop trying to dream.)

I think this would help.