*Suggestability test: Make MILD/Auto-Suggestion Work for YOU

I took a course in hypnosis, and one of the most important things in making hypnotic suggestions work is wording them the right way depending on the type of person you are hypnotizing. Well, the same concept can be used for autosuggestion and MILD techniques!

To find out how to word your autosuggestions, you need to find out if you are an E (emotional-suggestable) or a P (physical-suggestable). Here is a shorter version of the suggestability test I’ve adapted from the original by John Kappas:

1. You…
A) are comfortable expressing your emotions.
B) would rather keep your emotions to yourself.

2. When discussing something interesting…

A) You often stare directly into a person’s eyes and get close.
B) You’d prefer to keep a civilized distance and find yourself looking elsewhere.

3. When in a group of unfamiliar people…

A) Your movements are carefree and casual.
B) You know they are looking, so you guard your movements.

4. You learn better by…

A) Seeing or Reading
B) Hearing[b]

  1. In a new class or lecture, you…[/b]
    A) Are comfortable asking questions.
    B) Let the others ask any questions.
  2. You prefer reading…[/b]
    A) Fiction
    B) Non-Fiction
  3. You think children are…[/b]
    A) Great to be around, all the time.
    B) Preferably avoidable.
  4. When expressing ideas, you…[/b]
    A) Tell all the related details, so you’re sure you’ll be understood.
    B) Get right to the point.
  5. When you do a great job on a school project, you’d rather be…[/b]
    A) complimented in front of the class.
    B) privately complimented.
  6. You empathise and feel more strongly when someone describes to you…[/b]
    A) The terrible pain of their skiing accident when they slammed face-first into a tree, shattering their collar-bone.
    B) The terrible pain when their parter left them without explanation, and refuses to speak to them.

Now, add up your As and Bs. More As mean you’re a P, and more Bs mean you’re an E. If you’re equal or close to it, you can probably take either suggestion type, or try both and see what works.

If you are a P, the normal direct suggestions should work:

  • I WILL have a lucid dream.
  • I will remember my dreams.
  • I will wake up after each dream I have.
  • I will remember to realize I’m dreaming.

If you are an E, you might like to try one or more of the following (but NOT combined with literal suggestions. Stick only to ones on this list to be safe.):

  • In my lucid dream, I will fly (or whatever your goal is).
  • In the morning, I can write down all of my dreams.
    - I will become lucid any time in the night my mind chooses.

And don’t forget to combine with visualizations of becoming lucid!

So! What do you think? What are your results? Are there a lot of Es out there who have tried MILD unsuccessfully because it uses literal suggestions meant for Ps? Any other questions or confusions? Any other auto-suggestions you’d like me to make an E version of?

I was thinking of also making a pair of induction mp3s, one for Ps and one for Es, where I could really use the suggestive distinction and my hypnotist skills to make an induction that is significantly more effective than the ones meant for everyone.

I’m an E. All my LDs have been DILDs, but I don’t use too much auto-suggestion. I mostly use RCs, questioning reality etc …

Wait a min … I don’t use auto-suggestion anymore, because it almost NEVER worked :eek:

I’ll try this out for sure. Maybe it’ll get me some LDs :content:
I’ve only had a couple of them in two months :sigh:

PS. I could relate to question 10, as I actually broke my collarbone in an skiing accident last year. :tongue:

This is pretty interesting Vi. I’ve never heard of it before. I did use almost all the sentences you said though. Mostly I combine one from the E and one from the P. I actually don’t know what works better, or what I even am. (I did answer the questions though)

I’m an E as well. MILD has worked considerably well for me, but I’m certainly gonna try this to see if it improves!!! Thanks :happy:

Guess I’m an E…I’ll try it out! Thanks a lot!

Also, please keep us updated on the mp3s.

This just might work! im an e and ive been doing a lot of Ps so tonight ill try an e, lets see how it goes!

… is any non-e on that forum ? :eek:

Interesting anyways. :hmmm: as P seems to be more influenced by straight words, E persons are more to well-descripted action sentences :razz:

Duck - I’m a P! It’s split up 50-50 in normal circumstances, but perhaps Es are more lucid dreamers. Or, more likely, the Ps didn’t bother replying because they get to keep doin what they’re doin.

Good luck, everyone!

I’m a P…the funny thing is i was hoping that i would be an E. I feel i am much more of an emotional person and stuff.

The funny thing is, i used to use all the P questions and got everything well. I tried using E for a while and i’ve been failing for quite a while at getting an LD.

Great stuff Vi! Thank you for sharing this with us.
(I don’t know if this is supposed to happen, but i absoloutley cannot MILD)

I’m open to these ideas as all else has failed for me =/ -will try this tonight-

Oh yeah!

I’m a ‘E’ person, but all I’ve been using is the way to trick yourself as an ‘P’ person. I’d really like to give this a try! I’ll keep you guys up-dated!

Ok, so nothing happened… for the night at least. About a hour ago I was normally trying to fall asleep, only difference is the TV was on. So that kept a spark of awareness within me. As I drifted off… I remember my thoughts being more life-like images, they faded away. So I continued in bed when I feel this rocking motion (side to side) so I went along with this. As I concentrated on the motion… at a point I went all the way to the right and found myself ‘feeling’ facing the opposite way (impossible since I was not facing that way? xD). I tried going to the right all the way but something kept my head from moving… When I was in this state, I could not only hear my TV but other things as well. Not sure what they were… sounded like it was coming from the outside :eh: Since I couldn’t do anything else… I tried moving my hand (physical I guess) but had no response, actually more of a delayed response because it took a while for it to move :eh:

Anyone know what happened? :smile:

you were WILD-ing. In other words, you were falling asleep while you were still conscious. When you WILD, you get three types of HI :

Visual HH - you see pictures and images floating by

Acoustic HH - you hear weird noises

Semantic HH - you get weird feelings.

All that happens normally when you sleep, except you lose consciousness. When you say you had a delayed response, it was because as you sleep, at one point your brain shuts down all connections to your body. This is called SP. You were either ‘reaching’ that part, or you were experiencing SP, and then you had awoken.

In other words, you were very close to an dream where you would have been lucid from the start. Why don’t you try WILD-ing purposely, seeing as you got good results from the beginning. I’m glad to see you were relaxed and ‘you went along with it’. Go to the main website and read the information on WILD. You can also search for WILD topics on the forum. :smile:

seems like the last one posted a long time ago…
i hope it’s not forbidden to post in here and well, i had 5 As and 5 Bs, meaning for me, this seems to be the best result :tongue:

Hi Vi,

I just discovered this topic. I’m slightly E (6 vs 4). Direct autosuggestion worked rather good for me, indirect too (I’ve sometimes used the “find your hand” method). I’ve some questions:

  • how did you build the E autosuggestion sentences? I don’t understand exactly the principle. :shy: Please could you explain it precisely?
  • I would like to translate your post on the french forum cause it’s linked towards it in Sandra’s MILD FAQ. Please may I? You’ll be credited of the article, of course. :content:

I am a P (9-1), and I have been using the ones you have said (most of the time), it has worked and I think there is something to this.

I am barely a P. I guess that explains a lot. I usually use P autosuggestion, and they work only about half as well as I wish :razz: I’ll have to try an E autosuggestion from time to time now.

Uhm :confused:

A = 5
B = 5

Why will these things never work for me?! :´(

I’m a P by a small margin (6-4)

MILD works for me fairly well, but not for actually inducing dreams.That is to say it works, but not that often. Vi, perhaps you could link us to the original test to help some of the people (including me) who are on the fence find if they are more one way or anther. After all, a 10 question test leaves some considerable gaps.



I’m an E, and i got a lot of b’s.

Even just reading the suggested sentences make SO much more sense to me!

I’ll try it out!