Forming dreams?

ok so when I try to wild i never get sp but i get what i think is HI. I always just look at the back of my eyelids While listning to tool, about 10minutes into wilding i zone out completely but when i zone back in i feel… I donno, Highly focused? thats the best way i can describe it. But also when i zone in the usual colours that would normaly float around turn into a motion picture. i see streets, people walking, a desert, or two people in a room having an discousion. So i’m not sure if its Hi or a dream forming. most of the threads i read said people see colours, shapes or hear buzzing noises and even see demons etc. I would call my expereance Hi but the weird focused like feeling i get make me think its a begining of a dream.

So did or does anyone ever have similar Hi (or whatever)???
If so i would be interested to hear your expereance and your view! :content:

Thanks, Lucoholic

this is both HI and the beginning of dreams. With the WILD technique the lucid crossroads site says to be passive until you see full blown life-like scenes and kinda to jump/ will yourself into them.

Thanks for the reply! I’ll try and see if i can get in. if so i’ll let you know :happy:

thanks again, Lucoholic :smile: