Fortune telling, and the Bible.

I was talking to a friend about divination, and scrying, and he told me the Bible warns aginst fortelling the future, but there are alot of stories in the Bible of fortelling the future. Jesus predicted that Judas would betray him, and Peter would deny him. Joseph fortold the future through dreams, and the book of Revelations is a book all about future events. So whats the deal? I dont know if its a fact that it says that in the Bible. I just know what my friend told me, but I do know it warns about witchcraft.

love / fear

its all there is to it

whatsoever is done out of love bears good fruit ,

of course people will say they love when they fear ,
and harm each other through fear based “love”-isms,
such as concern, worry, doubt, fret, anxiety, manifesting as a desire to control,
stating that IT loves

scrying / etc rely on intuition, rather than gnosis, hence require various tools,
when you open and read a Bible you are scrying, that is, appealing to spirits (angels) or God for answers about your present reality and/or the future,
and/or seeking to receive information.

be careful about the questions you ask kava, many of the answers you would not need to know, and would only add lots of darkness to your reality.

truthfully witch-craft is mainly engaged by Hollywood,
the mass-media forms very strong spells and impressions within our minds,
yet almost all people of religious nature will passively soak up this stream of images, ideas, and suggestions.

the fear based religions are also one of the highest forms of darkness, witch-craft, satanism, whatever you want to call it, known to man, regardless of what religion they are, they have been used to spread tremendous terror and evil.
(while calling themselves good and goodness bad of course)

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